What is Glass / rearview mirror visor mirror?


what’s the use?

shield n / sun side, cause glare to avoid increased risk of traffic. When necessary without pulling the mirror interior rearview mirror, can be used only to open the visor.


You know what?

– a small number of models are two of the sun visor can block the sun while the front and side, and with the extension plate.

· Not all models of the main, are co-pilot with a mirror, some models only co-pilot with cosmetic mirrors.

· Some models are also equipped with a rear mirror, convenient rear passengers.



[123 ]

visor mirror is in fact embedded in the sun visor side “small mirror”, due to the size of the sun visor shape may be, also some vehicles around cloth illumination mirror, the mirror shutter is opened simultaneously triggering light switch, providing illumination, the passenger can more clearly darker in car mirror.

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