What is going on when the car key does not drive?

Many car owners encountered the key to open the door, and share some simple skills

1, most vehicle keys are electronic keys, electronic keys Unlike previous mechanical keys, key batteries require regular replacement. If the key battery is too low, it will cause a failure phenomenon that the door cannot normally unlock, and the key battery can be resolved.

2, electronic key is divided into two, wireless forms, infrared forms, if there is signal interference around the vehicle, such as large base stations, or the army, there will be signal shielding, generally close to the vehicle electronic key Unlock, this situation can be avoided.

3, the whole vehicle is no electricity, if your vehicle is parked for a long time, causing the vehicle voltage too low, this situation is impossible to receive the signal sent by the key, need to make professional rescuers to take electricity .

4, if the above three cases are excluded, it may be damaged by the key, or the key signal receiver is faulty, and it is necessary to further check, repair, and open the door using the mechanical key.

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