What is HANS?

1, German names

HANS is one of the most common German names, the name almost “Zhangsanlisi” means in German, but the name usage tends to decrease in recent years.

2, A raccoon creator pseudonym

Hans Hans, formerly known as Xu Han, Ali creator. He graduated from Tsinghua University, received a master’s degree in visual communication, Ali officially began writing while studying. Ali Dream City’s chief designer, independently Ali fairy tale, script, Ali fourfold, facial expressions, and other website design creation. Habit of hand-painted fairy tale.

is commonly used software photoshop, flash. I enjoy doing: watching movies and reading comics. One ideal: to establish the Kingdom of Dream A raccoon. Ali has published fairy tales and comic at each site, the raccoon dog qq expression, magic expression while widely circulated on the network, sending volume has reached 10 million, followed by the “girlfriend” “Friends of Man. Sunray” ” paint heart “magazine serial raccoon dog picture books, popular, published in 2009,” Ali. dream Castle “and the 2010 publication of” a raccoon forever station “has accumulated sales of more than seven hundred thousand. November 21, 2011, 2011 Sixth China Rich List sub-list writers “comic writer Rich List” blockbuster release, Hans Royalty decade to total income of 4.2 million yuan, topped the 7th comic writer Rich List, It caused widespread concern.

3, car accessories 々

head and neck protection system (Head and Neck Support), introduced since 2003, to provide additional protection for the driver’s head and neck. Head and neck protection system following the driver’s spine to prevent back strain, but also to prevent the driver’s head before thrown, hit the steering wheel.

F1 racing is an open car, in order to ensure the driver’s body in the event of a crash resulting in an injury will not shift, six-point seat belt in the car almost be said to be the driver tightly 々 “tied” in the seat on. Although doing so can prevent the driver’s body was severely hurt, but the driver’s head but there is no fixed measure. The results giving rise to such a situation: in the event of a severe impact, the driver seat belt secured to the seat body, but driver’s head and neck but with the great changes speed rapidly move back and forth. Since drastic change in speed, it is possible to cause the skull and cervical spine corresponds to 7-8 times the weight of the impact head in a short time, but because of rapid aft displacement during impact, resulting in the driver head and neck withstand such repeated pressure, causing huge damage to the driver’s skull and cervical spine.

In 1995, a high-speed slide out Hakkinen crashed at the Australian Grand Prix track, although the head and did not suffer external impact, but has undergone a skull fracture, dying of injuries, the situation in 1994 Monaco also occurred, the German driver Karl? Wendel Linguaphone for the same reason a head injury in the Monaco race, the rest began to slowly come back after nearly a year.

4, principle and the role of

HANS system was invented in 1980 by a professor of bioengineering at the University of Michigan’s Robert Hubbard, which implements the protection of the head and neck by a simple, lightweight structure. Unlike human chest and head and neck, chest protection structure formed by the ribs and spine, skull head there protect the brain, in the F1 car, six harness and ensure the safety helmet can be intact body and head , but only the support of only one vertebra of the neck to protect the most vulnerable. According to scientific calculations, the weight of the human head will account for 7.7 percentage total body weight, with a 65 kg driver, for example, his heavy head should be about 5 kg. In the race, the drivers are subjected acceleration can be up to more than 5G, his head would be around from side to side like a pendulum, that is, to bear his neck five times in his head plus helmet weight and force direction and speed of change is very fast, whichF1 driver requires to have strong neck. Event of an accident, neck force will sharply rise, it is likely to have life-threatening.

HANS system is a small device attached to the seat belt with a shoulder and fixed to the drivers chest, a small rear helmet separator, the driver’s helmet and the rear head portion of the vehicle body isolate, around the separator have a retractable cable connected to the driver’s helmet. In the event of a violent collision, this seemingly thin cable tape will prevent the head back and forth strenuous exercise riders, causing damage to the driver’s head and neck at the bottom of the skull in particular.

civilian car seat belt is not tightly tied to the driver’s seat, in the event of a collision, the airbag pops up, giving the driver enough cushion to ensure the pediment situation (in front hit the stationary object) security in the head and neck. But it should not be overlooked head back (after reaching a high-speed vehicle from rear-end collision) the possibility, therefore, the headrest on the seat is one of the safety devices, and must be set properly. Even as F1 this extreme pursuit of high performance sport, the riders also consider safety first, safety awareness daily driver, but also to the next level.

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