What is headlight cleaning system?

headlight cleaning system


That headlight washer means has an outlet below the front of the lamp, dust and dirt can be cleaned at any headlamp . Some senior general models are equipped with this feature.


cars at night or low light traveling in the front illumination rain and dust 90 will decrease the percentage of headlights, driver’s view severely affected, for driving safety, the existence of great risks. Adequate lighting to protect headlights and give the driver a clear line of sight has become an important issue to be solved in this case. Headlight cleaning system to solve this problem was to provide a simple and effective method. Now many countries have made legal provisions required in the car headlight cleaning system must be installed.


There are two structures headlight cleaning modes:

a wiping / washing system

Such a system glass with light microscopy can be used, since the light microscope equipped with a plastic coating despite the abrasion, but it is quite sensitive to mechanical cleaning, in the old generation models can also be seen such a cleaning system.

“wiping / washing system”

2. The high-pressure cleaning system

High-pressure cleaning system has been increasingly more recognized, it can be used on glass and plastic with light microscopy. Cleaning effect depending on the distance between the nozzle and the light distribution lens, the size of water droplets, contact angle, water velocity and water spray.

“high-pressure cleaning system.”

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