What is IIHS?

1.IIHS the Glossary

National Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) is one of America’s two major NCAP organization, there will be a very systematic and professional crash tests each year, in addition to the basic outside of the test, IIHS also often some special collision, the world’s most authoritative standard is the most stringent measure of third-party security agencies, the test results are directly linked to the car insurance rates. Results of the safety performance of the index is represented by the “minimum acceptable index.” Evaluation items comprising: a front end side corner impact, side impact, rear impact and roof strength testing of the cervical spine. Level have excellent (Good), good (Acceptable), pass (Marginal) poor (Poor) four levels.

IIHS most prominent feature is the strength of the roof has its own criteria, is to use a metal plate at a constant speed and the impact angle of the roof, the roof then measured the degree of depression. As “G” with the proviso that the recess does not exceed 5 inches, and the roof must be able to withstand more than 4 times the intensity of the collision to the vehicle weight. When

to the same degree of strength of the recess can bear more than 3.25 times the weight of the car 4 times or less was evaluated as “A (Acceptable: allowable range)”; 2.5 times or 3.25 times or less, was evaluated as “M (Marginal: the bottom line of the allowable range)”; when less than 2.5-fold, was evaluated as “P (Poor: poor).”

with the domestic impact of different tests is, IIHS will choose the lowest allocation models for testing, if the manufacturer is required, can be re-tested high with the car after the option, but the results must be published together with the low allocation models. Test results for the star car sales has great influence, so to promote the automobile manufacturers to invest in safety studies.

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