What is imported?

Imported models exist four states: the first foreign car manufacturers plant (or Chinese companies and joint ventures, cooperation) for automobile production, but the car parts localization rate of less than 40 percentage in China, although in this case the car is the assembly, but also regarded as imported cars. The second case is a pure large-scale imports of vehicles, foreign vehicles were imported into the country through formal customs procedures for high-volume, 80 percentage of imported cars are imported and sold through this pathway. The third way is the individual small-scale commerce company imports, referred to as small trade formalities vehicles, because imports are small, generally expensive and only a small amount of imported cars will be so, because of the small amount, so the presence of the purchase and use risk. The fourth is completely smuggling, the sales in the rest of Europe, the Americas and Asian countries through fake models formalities shipped to China, this is not to say, illegal channels, seriously do not support the smuggling of vehicles.

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