What is industrial and commercial validation?

1. The verification of Trade and Industry Glossary

Commerce verify

The so-called industrial and commercial validation is also called the record industry and commerce, selling cars is a unit where the local industrial and commercial bureau for the record entry of new cars sold, as after this car be prepared to prove that the owner of the vehicle is purchased from the formal channels, such as the purchase of new cars are not verified for Industry and Commerce before vehicle inspection licensing, it does not affect the subsequent vehicle inspection licensing of work, but then this car can not be as the transaction. The reason is that industry and commerce had not been validated, incomplete procedures, can not be transfer.

for industrial and commercial validation required to provide information are:

1: motor vehicle sales invoice (triple)

2: inspection certificate, motor vehicle certificate, identity card or certificate of organization code

3: If the vehicle is imported, the Customs shall provide proof

after entry staff in the sales invoice information will be verification and certification cover industrial and commercial registration chapter, this time the formalities completed.

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