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in terms of the intake air in the form of two types: naturally aspirated and supercharged intake air, because the engine cylinder by external pressure difference is outside the cylinder intake air NATURAL a flammable mixer running, so called naturally aspirated mode and ldquo; naturally aspirated rdquo ;, may also be expressed as ldquo; rdquo ;, NA intake sedans general use of such basic intake form.

◆ naturally aspirated

We generally most common engine is a naturally aspirated engine, naturally aspirated engine is the use of negative pressure generated within the cylinder, the outside air is drawn, draw with humans Like the air, this embodiment of the motor of the suction naturally aspirated engine.

naturally aspirated engine features are: Power output is very smooth, not because of a sudden change in the speed of the emergence of fierce acceleration, and longer life, easier maintenance.

turbocharger ◆

turbocharged engines rely on a turbocharger to increase an engine intake air amount of the engine, the turbocharger (Tubro) is actually an air compressor. It is the use of the engine exhaust to drive a turbine of a power chamber (in the exhaust passage), and to drive the turbine wheel located coaxially within the inlet, sent impeller to compress the fresh air duct from the air cleaner, sending into the cylinder. When the engine speed is accelerated, the exhaust gas discharged synchronous speed and the turbine speed is also accelerated, the air would be to increase the degree of compression, the intake air amount of the engine is increased correspondingly, we can increase the output power of the engine.

turbocharger characteristics: Usually supercharged engine power can be increased 40 percent or greater than the original engine; The disadvantage is that we often say ldquo; hysteresis rdquo ;. However, the current through technical improvements, the engine supercharger can intervene at low speed, ldquo; hysteresis rdquo; feeling is very small. CurrentlyIn addition to single-turbine engine, a lot of high-performance sports car is also equipped with a dual pursuit of even four turbo turbine engine.

Typical examples: Saab originally applied by a turbocharged engine, all models are his turbocharged engines. More common are: Volkswagen Magotan 1.8TSI, Buick Regal 2.0T, 1.6T are turbocharged engine, the BMW 335i using a twin-turbo engine, the Bugatti Veyron is equipped with a 8.0L W16 four turbocharged engine.

◆ supercharger

supercharger using a belt pulley connected to the crankshaft of the engine, using the engine speed driven supercharger inside the blade, in order to generate pressurized air fed into the engine the intake manifold, and supercharged in order to achieve high engine output power purposes.

supercharger features: a supercharger advantage ldquo; full-time intervention rdquo ;, it can be obtained at low speed boost, rather linear acceleration feel of a supercharged hysteresis sense; disadvantage is to rely on the engine crankshaft driven supercharger, the power loss of a certain amount of the engine, significant loss of high speed, reduced fuel economy, this is not as good as well turbocharger system. Currently, more than ordinary car single supercharger, and some ultra-running in order to obtain more power, the assembly is also equipped with two turbochargers twin turbocharged engine, the two supercharger each half cylinder service.

Typical examples: It is now more common domestic supercharged engine supercharged engines with a 1.8L Mercedes C200k, 3.0L supercharged engine like the Audi 3.0T

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