What is intake patterns?


Type 1 intake

Briefly intake divided into two forms: naturally aspirated and supercharged intake air, because the engine is the pressure difference between the inside and outside by a cylinder Natural ambient air to form a combustible intake cylinder mixer running, so called naturally aspirated mode and ldquo; naturally aspirated rdquo ;, may also be expressed as ldquo; rdquo ;, NA intake in general household use of such cars into substantially gas form.

However, in order to increase the engine power and efficiency, but also invented a new way of intake, i.e. intake air supercharging, the intake boost simply talk is installed in front of the intake port ldquo;? Booster fan rdquo; forcibly rotated by the fan intake air amount of the engine is increased, increasing the amount of fuel injection nozzle according to the carburetor or fuel injection control means increases the amount of intake air so as to achieve the effect of increasing the concentration of combustible and combustion of the mixer to increase the engine power, intake air boost mode current main turbocharged and supercharged.

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