What is interactive system?

interactive system is a product of the development of information technology, the system realizes the function of dialogue between people and cars, for example, we used a computer on the same Windows. Through this system the owner can easily grasp the vehicle status information (fuel consumption, speed, mileage, current position, vehicle maintenance information, etc.), traffic information, set the cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free set, air conditioning and audio settings.

1. noun interactive system of interpretation

interactive system is a product of the development of information technology, the system realizes the function of dialogue between people and cars, for example, we used to Like computers of Windows. Through this system the owner can easily grasp the vehicle status information (fuel consumption, speed, mileage, current position, vehicle maintenance information, etc.), traffic information, set the cruise control, Bluetooth hands-free set, air conditioning and audio settings.

the iDrive BMW

2. Common human-computer interaction system

now common human-computer interaction system BMW iDrive, Mercedes-Benz COMAND, Audi’s MMI, Volvo Sensus, SAIC Roewe iVoka, Ford’s SYNC, Toyota and GM’s IntelliLink Remote Touch. Basic introduction

3.iDrive of

2012 BMW M5 iDrive system

BMW’s iDrive system can be said to be interactive system pioneer, its first-generation product in 2001 has been put into practical. At present, the domestic BMW models equipped with second-generation iDrive system, a relatively old product improvement mainly reflected joined the seven shortcuts and interface in a comprehensive upgrade and improvement.

MMI compared to a system and Audi, BMWIDrive is slightly more complex in the mode of operation. But its difficult to get started is not high, basically in line with customary operations. The seven shortcut keys next to the knob layout more closely, all within the range of the fingers of a hand, we can say iDrive system is fully in control of the driver.

Second Generation iDrive system uses 8.8 inch high resolution monitor on BMW 3, and 7 based on the larger size of the display. And the screen resolution of 1280 * 480, is the highest in three models. The actual visual effects can also be seen, BMW’s iDrive interface is the most clear and beautiful.

and in the price of 495,000 yuan BMW 325i sport, iDrive system already has onboard TV and Bluetooth hands-free function. Open the phone’s Bluetooth feature to search his BMW, and then enter the same password matching can connect the phone to the iDrive.

Further BMW iDrive system also provides a number of adjustable parameters and viewing the vehicle. In particular vehicle needs service options, we can see a number of maintenance including engine oil, brake fluid, front and rear brakes, including, the system will prompt the owners to carry out maintenance after when or how many kilometers depending on the usage of the vehicle, which it provides great convenience for the owners. Basic Introduction

4.COMAND the

Benz its interactive system named COMAND.

COMAND interaction system

with a TV button COMAND display system and the monitoring system of all information, and various communication functions integrated on an LCD screen. By the new structure COMAND controller and its main menu, or directly with the key, you can access the radio, DVD changer, TV and so on. These control keys are located in front of the controller, a driver without a top, the feel can manipulate these controls. “Back” button allows the driver to return to the previous menu. Television systems COMAND expansion system, comprising a channel selection knob antenna amplifier module, and even form an antenna may receive a terrestrial broadcast television signals transmitted by the transmitter. For safety reasons, once the speed more than 8 km / h, the TV image is automatically shut down, the sound continues to play. When the vehicle speed falls below this limit, the image appears again.

COMAND buttons and controls of the controller are both very easy to operate. Buttons on the right can be opened or closed system, adjust the volume, or activation; the left switch assembly allows the driver to select the transmission mode, and adjust the headrest. Another function for a driver to select a particular button can be individually programmed, after these buttons can be programmed to operate rear window shade, to activate the internal control and protection systems and the like boxes.

COMAND all the important information display system and the communication system are displayed on the same screen, the operation is simple and practical, easy to set up and control. It does not restrict the standard functions of the multifunction steering wheel setting and display, does not need a separate display (color display system COMAND) may also be used to read the video data. Basic Introduction

5.MMI of

The new Audi A3 MMI multimedia Introduction

Audi’s MMI multimedia interactive system for the first time in 2004, the first model was equipped with the Audi A6. In this paper, on the Audi MMI system A4L 2.0T model as an example to explain. The system is equipped with Audi’s third-generation MMI, it is the latest version of the domestic models used (the latest version is equipped abroad on the new fourth generation A8 MMI system). The main control zone located behind Dangba, closer to the driver, and therefore more convenient operation.

First, we look at the external design of the MMI system. There are a lot of people said he likes the design of its keyboard shortcut appear at the beginning of the MMI system, which is relative to the time of the first generation of BMW iDrive system. Admittedly, many of the shortcuts can provide users more convenience, but its button layout and some scattered, even a palm can not completely covered, which means that in order to pinpoint think that the key press is not so easy.

MMI system operation is also very simple, the middle of the knob bear almost all of the operation tasks, may be adjusted to a rotation around different options, press the middle part is black determining operation. The black middle button can also toggle eight-way, mainly for the navigation system services.

MMI navigation system in addition to the driver outside the guidance route, there is a special feature is the ability to provide real-time TMC traffic information. Different levels of congestion will be marked in a different color on the map came out, but not all roads have the relevant information, but usually better than none.

In addition to real-time traffic flow indicates TMC, MMI navigation system may also provide a unique 3D display mode. It is also possible to show off in front of the opponent’s capital. Many landmark buildings has its own unique 3D model is displayed in the navigation system, a high degree of recognition that allows users to find a more direct and convenient place to go.

Also impressive is the MMI systemCAR sub-menu contains options and parameters related to the vehicle up to 13. We can here set his car into the car in line with their own habits and personality, of course, is how much these vary by car options, if your car is not certain configurations, they will not appear in the menu of the MMI in. Basic Introduction

6.Sensus the

Volvo interactive system

The interactive system called Volvo Sensus. Here is the official description of Volvo’s Sensus:

Volvo’s new driver control interface makes it easy to find your high-tech characteristics of your car and personalize settings to meet your needs. All the information in a high-resolution 5quot; displayed on the color screen. After pressing the button console MY CAR, full access to all system settings, such as IDIS, CITY SAFETY, ACC, with fully automatic braking function of the pedestrian detection and collision warning system, the driver warning system, BLIS, lighting, door mirrors, climate, central locking and audio system.

Select any multimedia audio system, in this upgrade to 7quot with a bigger; the system also displays on the screen RTI navigation system, phone, parking aid video surveillance systems, DVD and digital television. In line with the steering wheel using ergonomically designed control system, so you’re always in control – you can focus to drive and operate hand on the steering wheel.

Basic introduction

7.iVoka of

Volvo Sensus Introduction

iVoka as led by SAIC, the Hai Botai PATEO participate in an on-board intelligent systems research and development, is now We launched the third generation of products. With excellent voice recognition capabilities, a strong ability to automatically avoid traffic congestion, launched only two years, with the previous two generations of products can successfully attract a few more than 100,000 users.

iVoka owner main function is to facilitate the operation of some functions may be implemented by voice while driving. Including navigation settings, select music, make phone calls, broadcast real-time information and much more. In particular, in driving the process, more conducive to safe driving.

By partnering with watercress, but also to listen to online music-related programs, in addition to driving and operation of air conditioning, most of the functions of the vehicle entertainment and information are available through voice control, very convenient.

More interestingly, and the iPhone4S Siri voice assistant, like, totally iVoka withstand “molested”, just feel free to call while driving bored, clever and mischievous iVoka owners will be “funny Laoke”, there it does take a road block on the way natural and ultimately fun.

Basic introduction

8.SYNC of

Ford Escape -SYNC people and vehicles interactive Ford Car

Ford SYNC is specially equipped for mobile phones and digital media players multimedia communications and entertainment system, with Microsoft and Continental shared by Ford, the former contributed software / operating system, which provides system integration and hardware. North American International Auto Show debut in 2007. Early SYNC system focused through Bluetooth, USB and other ways to integrate the user’s mobile phone, players and other devices to in-vehicle information terminal up, then, an increase of SYNC vehicle health status detection function and automatic turn on emergency calls. From the video, we can see the Ford SYNC system is very powerful voice system, which features an integrated traffic monitoring, navigation and fast information function, all the connectivity information needed while driving for the driver.

SYNC began to be perceived by the people it is because this car’s Ford Escape general trend, in its advertising, the owners in leisurely driving to achieve the air-conditioning temperature control by voice, people leaving a deep impression.

SYNC are: mobile phones classes, entertainment, traffic navigation class, the driver of the four service functions. Powerful and practical features and entertainment features to the driver to drive both the convenience and fun.

1) mobile phone categories: Bluetooth phone, cell phone ring tones, phone book.

2) Entertainment: Compatible with most popular media players and file formats, support for Bluetooth streaming audio (Bluetoothreg; Streaming Audio), music search, blog, audio reading and other entertainment features.

3) Traffic Navigation categories: voice navigation, personalized daily information travel services (flights, car rentals, hotels, weather, etc.), traffic flowTip 14 million points of interest (USA) and so on.

4) driver service: Emergency Help (911Assist), vehicle inspection reports. Basic introduction

9.IntelliLink of

IntelliLink interactive system

IntelliLink is mounted on GM’s brand-new LaCrosse on a new smart car interaction system, including trip computer display screen and high-definition digital touch-display screen high-definition digital – two centralized information platform and click on the output, touch, writing and speech – a revolutionary four input.

three touch area is the biggest bright spot

highlights IntelliLink in-vehicle system should be diversified its input mode. Of which the three best touch control area: large touch-screen console, the seat air-conditioning and touch, handwritten on the touch input board center armrest.

Special high performance voice control command speech recognition rate

IntelliLink provides access to pull the phone owners , three navigation settings and multimedia voice control is provided. In order to more precisely recognize the voice instruction, IntelliLink provide specific voice commands as voice control. Such as navigation, radio and telephone calls.

Summary: interactive system as a product of the development of information technology, it is a future direction of development of vehicle technology, modern car transport carrier is no longer just functional, we need more, so we have to build into a car ” generalists. ” It can be many ways to meet us, whether it is for everyday driving, access to information, or powerful entertainment features are slowly changing our way of life, the future look like? As consumers we have reason to look forward to.

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