What is laser headlights?

headlights laser light source laser diode (Laser diode) and a light emitting diode (LED) was born almost at the same times, although the laser diode LED large-scale commercial use than somewhat later, but its wider range of applications, in measuring, electronics, communications, medical, and other processing industries have the laser diode figure.

1. Introduction laser headlamps noun

the laser light source laser diode headlights (Laser diode) and a light emitting diode (LED) was born almost at the same times, although large-scale commercial laser diode somewhat later than application of LED, but its wider range of applications, laser diodes are measured in the figure, electronics, communications, medical, and other processing industries.

2. Advantage of laser headlights

Most of the laser headlight has the advantage of LED lamps, such as in response to said speed, low attenuation, brightness, small size, low power consumption, long life and so on. Compared LED headlamps laser headlights particularly advantageous in terms of volume, the length of the individual laser diode elements 10 microns can already do, only 1/100 of the size of a conventional LED element, which means that, as long as the designer intends to conventional the size of the car headlights can be greatly reduced, perhaps will bring revolutionary changes in the proportion of the various elements of car design front face.

significant advantages

in another aspect the laser headlight luminous efficiency, such as general lighting LED luminous efficiency can reach about 100 lumens per watt, the laser diode element can reach 170 lumens per watt, which means that when lighting meet the same conditions, 60 percent usage of the energy consumption of less than laser headlamps LED headlamps, further reduces energy consumption, but also more in line with the future trends of energy saving vehicles.

Like the LED, the laser diode can only emit monochromatic laser light, monochromatic laser sources need plurality synthesis, or by a laser such as quartz transparent medium, resulting in the spectrum broadening white light radiation. BMW white LED using a method commonly used – + blue monochromatic filter to manufacture a white phosphor.

on the laser i8 concept car headlight, blue laser beams emitted from the three laser light source lamp holder by specular reflection filter incident phosphorus, produce bright white light, the white light is irradiated onto the reflective bowl, then toward the front. According to BMW said the brightness of the color temperature of the laser headlights have been studied irradiation effects in line with the human visual habits. Although the headlights have high brightness and the light source is a laser, but laser headlights in full compliance with the requirements of everyday use, the lights will not cause harm to the human eye.

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