What is LSA?

556 horsepower, maximum torque of 747 Nm, 3.9 seconds to complete 0-96kph accelerate, 7 minutes and 59 seconds to refresh the amount of 32 maternity wards car the fastest lap record at the Nurburgring track hellip; hellip; just in the domestic market Cadillac why the new CTS-V won this pinnacle of power? The answer lies in its sinking otherworldly ldquo; heart rdquo; mdash; mdash; 2009 LSA V8 supercharged engine.

to shield wreath as a symbol of the Cadillac brand has a long tradition of using super-powered engine. Cadillac as the world’s first production V8 engine car manufacturers, as early as 1915 on the production of a vehicle equipped with a V8 engine. After the late 1990s, Cadillac began to focus on R & D is equipped with a supercharger technology, high-performance sports engine, the Cadillac V technology to help family dominated the SCCA American sports league.

Today, as the technology, the new generation of power supercharged engine with a stronger, more torque and more energy-efficient new look appearance, as CTS- V on this new high-performance 6.2 l V8 LSA engine.

supercharger compact, easily ldquo; stuffing rdquo; 90 degree angle into the V-shaped cylinder bank intake original position of the air manifold. As a result of V-ribbed belt drive, it can provide strong traction when starting the engine is idling. 6.2 l LSA engine at low speed can be obtained where the peak torque of 747Nm.

supercharger air path is very short, which means that the torque increase very fast, the response speed of displacement more than the same naturally aspirated engine. For LSA engine throttle response is very sensitive, it can easily soared to 6000rpm, and the rated output power of 556hp at 6100rpm.

6.2 l LSA new engines is the sixth-generation Eaton supercharger, two 160 degree twist in the four-leaf rotary piston supercharger, the supercharger can provide great at a certain speed a lot of room for improvement power, equal to 6.2-liter engine added 1.9 liters of displacement!


intercooler integrated installation connected to a separate cooling circuit above, the compressed hot air through the intercooler cooled again, into the combustion chamber thereby increasing the the oxygen content of the air. This series of measures to make the supercharger noise to a minimum.

added sixth generation Eaton supercharger LSA engine than its predecessor LS3 more sophisticated and powerful, the power output to enhance the percentage of nearly 35, the maximum output power of about 556hp, peak torque of 747 Nm.

6.2 l LSA V8 supercharged engine sixth generation Eaton supercharger, not only provides a power output landmark, through power under various conditions It has greater speed range. Rotation of the inner components of the new design of the supercharger efficiency extended its range, such that the engine has a rotational speed at various stationary wide power range. Whether at low speeds or under high-speed conditions, power is instant start, strong and sustained.

At present, this engine is only the new CTS-V’s unique offerings secret device, but after have so many outstanding performance, the Cadillac V family follow-up models this is also very likely to use internal forces otherworldly high-performance machines, because the family has been to the Cadillac V ldquo; the soul of speed rdquo; pride in the face of a peak speed, huge potential LSA Cadillac will gradually expose new record foreseeable future still belongs to the LSA!

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