What is LWC blind-spot display system?

Honda’s LaneWatch blind spot is the world’s first display system, greatly reducing driver dead.

1.LWC blind spot Introduction

LWC (Lane Watch) Honda is the world’s first blind spot display system. By mounting the lower right side mirrors camera, the vehicle information may be displayed within the field of view of the blind spot on a multimedia display on the console. By this technique, it enables the right rear perspective of from 20 degrees to 80 degrees.

2. The system Principle

mounted camera, it can be seen that the vehicle is located within the field of view of the blind spot on the display screen in the right side mirrors. With this technology, so that the right rear-view mirror from 20 degrees to 80 degrees, so that driving safety more secure. .

3 open system embodiment

display on the LWC blind system, there are two ways: one is opened by turning the image the right way to turn the lamp, turn signal lamp is to press the two dial image button is on top of the rod. When

4. The system value

LWC blind spot display system to a large extent reduce the visual blind spot mirrors, auxiliary expanded field of view, and can in preparation for changing lanes ,Easy to confirm the driver behind the wider field of view, providing a more realistic guarantee for the safety of everyone inside and outside the car.

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