What is Modified car roll cage?


What is?

roll cage, a removable steel assembly. It drawing using the seamless carbon steel bending the system, the installation is a connection or a welding follow the contours of the vehicle interior. If you remove the body shell, saw is a metal cage by a number of the steel structures, therefore, Hong Kong also known as “roll cage.”



and the vehicle body and a vehicle occupant protection.



famous car supplies companies such as SPARCO, OMP, RECARO brands internationally , will be awarded based on the annual FIA registered car catalog for the year can participate in the competition sections of models supporting the production of roll cage. For some domestic level yet registered can not participate in international competition, can only participate in domestic competitions of models, the roll cage was commissioned by the racing team or individual outside the processing unit produced, but it must be modified in accordance with relevant domestic car race in FIA technical standards since Fisichella serious accident occurred at the Nurburgring in 1999, roll cage will be required to perform rigorous crash tests to meet strict safety standards.

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