What is modified wheel modified car?


What is?

refers to a person in the vehicle owner or a professional aesthetic or modified in order to achieve other objects of the Original vehicle wheel to be modified.


type wheel

According spoke configuration, and the wheel can be divided into radial spokes plate two. Hyundai Motor spokes varied, and integrated automotive styling of the vehicle played a very good decorative effect. Webs using fewer spokes also allows for heat dissipation brakes. He spoke of the spoke wheel plate by stamping a steel sheet or cast disk-shaped web; spoke wheel casting steel wire spokes or spokes of the spoke.

3 There are two main common forms of type


rim: drop rim and flat bottom rim, there are also split rims, semi-drop center rim like. Drop rim for passenger cars and light-duty off-road vehicles; flat rim for a medium goods vehicle; split rims are used for heavy-duty off-road vehicles.


modified wheel according to

Pitch circle diameter (PCD)

The bolt holes in the wheel center connected by a circle, the diameter of the circle is the pitch diameter. Note that this parameter must be consistent mounted in the modified wheel. German car substantially 5 holes, such as Mercedes-Benz cars are basically 5 × 112mm, while BMW is more than 5 × 120mm. The common models for the domestic (4 or 5) × (1 00 or 114.3) mm. Off-road vehicles is more than 6 × 139.7mm.

offset distance (the OFFSET)

which represents the horizontal distance between the center of the rim and the wheel mounting surface, is important to select the size of the wheel. Different from the hub fitted with offset, the influence of the wheel tread, impact handling stability.

biased away from the positive bias, negative bias and zero bias away from the points. When the offset distance is 0, the wheel hub of the wheel contact surfaces in the position of the center line; distance when the bias is positive, toward the outer contact surface; negative offset from the inward bias. For example +44 offset distance, meaning that the position of the wheel from the centerline to reach 44mm outwardly offset contact surface, and means -10 is offset inwardly midline contact surface reaches 10mm.

X Distance (X-FACTOR)

, commonly known as the caliper space. Mounting rim plane bottom surface (flange surface) of the extension line out of one inch (25.4mm) from the vertical rim banners called X-FACTOR, if the measured value the greater the distance of the X-FACTOR, accommodate large system the greater the chance calipers.

central bore (HUB HOLE DLA)

to ensure that the geometric center of the rim and the hub can fit the geometric center. If the hub center hole is too large, it is necessary collar with a central hole, otherwise it will shake the car at high speeds.

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