What is moose test?

1, moose test

“elk test” is an important measure of vehicle safety in the world. The name comes from elk test, the animals distributed in Northern Europe and Scandinavia in most parts of North America. They often surprise jump out in front of the vehicle, and high-speed vehicles collided, causing serious traffic accident. “Moose test” in the vehicle to be tested is the ability to avoid obstacles.
moose test is a customary international project for testing vehicle hedge capabilities. The method of entering the test area at constant speed, at high speed without dodge brakes and throttle. By the former two seater testers repeated sequentially increase the speed, then the recording speed reaches the runaway condition, and then twice validated, uncontrolled vehicle speed to determine the reliability value. Here also added that, in order to test the speed of the vehicle itself speedometer based.
we look at the domestic car to manipulate known for BORA1.8, Peugeot 307 2.0AT, BMW 530i and soliciting Cadillac CTS moose test score of 3.6.
“Polaris clear road feel able to appreciate its chassis and suspension is very solid and tough, the moose test test the suspension and restoration capabilities, through its speed reached 65km / h, turn off the ESP, it results only 61km / h.
Although it seems to be bulkier than Bora, but the suspension element 307 has a variable stiffness and damping excellent play on the rear section of the support force, by which the elk score reached 63.5km / h , this is without any electronic system to facilitate access, we have admiration for the ability to control 307. “
” in the past tried many times 530i, this is hundreds of times, it is easy and pleasant to appreciate the toughness of full suspension frame and precise steering characteristics. complete simulation of an emergency avoidance test elk obstacles it can reach 72km / h, which also has an electronic system to help. it is equipped with dynamic stability control (DSC, functional equivalent ESP), it can be very clear to experience it in a timely manner to intervene when the limit will appear on the dashboard DSC lights flash, you will know it in the correct slipping wheel. then, turn it off? Yes, CTS is not the equipment, you can make them more fair than it. Of course, the results will be lowerBut at the same test speed reached 68km / h. “
Also, please note that: These results are a professional test driver measured limit if the average user to do, I am afraid that reached this achievement has been out of control
in a major US insurance company on the site, but also teach people how to deal with surprise when the elk come out: grasp the steering wheel, brakes as much as possible, not brake it up to a high-speed collision never dodge
no wild elk on Chinese highway (some it already was taken to the restaurant), but often there are animals often unexpectedly jump out in front of the vehicle. in principle, this is Europe and America are engaged in “elk test” is one thing.
I quote here ESP just do not want to talk about the purpose of this article by reference, so that we have a concept: moose test scores of most vehicles in the 60-70 km / h if the “moose test in the case of much more than 60-70km / h of “(high speed dodge), so that even the latest ABS, ESP and other advanced equipment will not save you, 100 percentage of your car will inevitably be out of control, resulting in serious traffic accidents.
As we all know, I am afraid that no one would open highway 60 – 70km, if not speeding, basic also maintained 110 -. 120km / h if there are migrant workers and farm dog in front of the vehicle to jump out unexpectedly, and you high-speed dodge, then 100 percentage of your car out of control, resulting in serious traffic accidents
some domestic models moose test results:
new Sail 1.6L SE (top speed by 70 km / h)
Fit 1.3L (top speed by 65 km / h)
Maxima 1.3L (maximum speed by 65 km / h)
corolla (maximum speed by 65 km / h)
Familia (maximum speed by 60km / h)
sunshine (the maximum speed by 50km / h)
Polo (maximum speed by 63km / h)
Premarin (maximum speed by 60km / h)
Picasso (highest by speed of 64km / h)
oddSwiss QQ (maximum passing speed is 69km / h)
Chevrolet the Spark (maximum passing speed is 74km / h)
Chinese Zunchi (maximum passing speed is 69km / h)
Polaris (with ESP, the maximum by the speed is 65km / h)
Peugeot 307 (no ESP, by the maximum speed of 63.5km / h)

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