What is multi-car modification throat injection?


What is?

that each cylinder has an independent throttle valve to control the intake air amount.



By increasing the overall area of ​​the throttle valve, increase the intake air amount of the cylinder . Since each has an independent air flow throttle valve sensor, also to achieve a precise control of the air-fuel ratio of each cylinder. So that the engine power is greatly improved. In particular increasing the engine power output in subsequent stage.



smaller independent throttle valve to reduce the weight and thus improving the response performance. Increasing the total area of ​​the intake valve of the engine can be also more air, the shorter the intake manifold can significantly improve the efficiency of the intake air when the engine high revolution.

Due to the use of shorter intake manifold of the engine so that the intake pressure is low when the rotation speed is too small, the air flow speed decreases, low torque loss. And increasing the number of sensors and a throttle valve so as to increase the design and production cost, maintenance more difficult, the difficulty of tuning of the engine is also increased.

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