What is multi-point EFI engine?


Did you know?

EFI device

by the automobile engine is generally injection passage, and an electronic control unit sensor group composed of three parts. The injector mounted on the intake pipe of each cylinder, i.e. where a plurality of the gasoline is injected into the cylinder, which is multi-point fuel injection.


zone and the multi-point electronic injection

single-point fuel injection (SPI) and multiple point EFI (MPI) Comparative: EFI single point is computer controlled fuel injected into the intake manifold, and then successively taken into the combustion cylinders, an engine has only one nozzle; EFI is a multi-point fuel directly into each cylinder intake manifold, and then into the respective combustion, a nozzle for each cylinder. Multi-point EFI EFI engine is a mature technology development results, but also mainstream products. Since each is directly injected into each cylinder combustion air-fuel ratio control more accurate and therefore, better emissions, fuel economy and more. EFI is a single point of carburetor technology transition to EFI result, the carburetor works basically the same, so do not change the original carburetor engine block design directly to the carburetor change a computer-controlled equipment that is can.


The main application of which

If the injector is mounted in the original position on the carburetor, i.e., the entire engine fuel injection only one point, this is a single point fuel injection. If the injector is mounted in theThe intake pipe of each cylinder, i.e., gasoline is injected by a plurality of places (for each cylinder has at least one injection point) injected into the cylinder, which is multi-point fuel injection.

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