What is off-road tires?

Common categories

1, off-road tires

for tires while driving in the field

2, off-road tires in the

1, road tires

2, all-terrain tires

3, mud tires

in addition to these three common off-road tires, as well as some of the more professional but very rare type of tire, such as: snow tires, rain tires, tire climbing, desert tires.

road tires

road tire abbreviation HT. In general, when the off-road vehicles are usually shipped to the installation of the new car is neutral road tread tires, mainly for highway driving, is characterized by relatively soft sidewalls, tread fine. As Cooper DISCOVERER HTS

all-terrain tires

-terrain tires English name is ALL terrain, in the country generally referred to as AT tires, off-road enthusiasts but also the most widely used tires. All-terrain tires designed to have compatibility than road tires, all-terrain tire tread designs have relatively rough, fetal tooth pitch slightly larger than the road tires, the negative effect of this design is to decrease road performance, the noise increased, but durability and adhesion on non-paved road is stronger than road tires, off-road and road performance both tires. For those car owners usually as a means of transport, and occasionally go out sow wild, AT tire is a good choice. The Cooper DISCOVERER AT3

while the difference between the AT large tires, off-road tires are AT fetal most complex, which focuses on the sandy off-road tires, it is focused on the highway, but also focus on mud running. In short, the more the rubber to the ground, the better road handling; the smaller the ground-contacting tread, while the deeper the trench, the better off-road performance. Tire mud

MudThe tire referred MT (Mud-Terrain) tires, off-road enthusiasts and generally only specific sections of workers will choose. It is the reverse of the road tires (HT), MT tire wall hard, exaggerated fetal teeth, the distance between the tire significantly larger teeth, facilitate slow speed when mud or mud thrown mud high speed, additionally in some poor underfoot the more easily increase the adhesion, uneven ground such as rocks. When driving on the highway noisy MT tires, when the vehicle speed is below 10km / h the tire will feel the teeth of shock. Braking and steering performance is a lot of difference with HT tire, rainy road pavement more easily out of control.

but on a non-paved ground it can give you excellent grip, especially on difficult to damage in harsh terrain, it will give you a strong confidence. For MT tires we often have a misunderstanding, that is, in the sand some strong off-road capability. Practice has proved that the ground is soft sand killer MT tires, if there is no differential lock, speed is too slow or halt the negotiations will only dig a pit. Others may think that certain MT tire wet traction is also very good, wrong, MT tire as its name MUD- muddy, as it largely emphasis on the muddy ground, that is to say whether the drought in the north of most of the season MT tires will need calm consideration. If you choose MT tires, so less rubber to the ground will accelerate tire wear, but you’ll sacrifice a lot of road driving performance. The Cooper DISCOVERER STT and STMAXX.


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