What is oil-water separator?

Water separator is a device, into food and industrial water separator two kinds of oil-water separator. Dining oil-water separator is used to process food and beverage industry wastewater with; because the requirements of environmental protection, sewage discharged into rivers and oceans ship machinery spaces generated must be treated, requires the use of industrial oil-water separator.

1. Water separator acting

The oil-water separation of a machine, typically used to ship with the sewage, because the environmental requirements, it is discharged to rivers and oceans ship machinery spaces the resulting effluent must be treated, water separator and workflow system works: 1 by the water pump AOD (gas separator) into the –gt; 2 into the flow rate control valve –gt; 3 a first stage cellular compartment, water rinsing, since there are many closely honeycomb spacer inside, the water flow during the fine particles in the water in a cellular settling chamber the wastewater flowing into the –gt; 4 mesh sheets of water holes (5 / 32quot; ) into the –gt; 5 suction chamber and extraction chamber flow into the oil adsorption filter media chamber JT57 by the liquid composition, by the amount of adsorption and extraction in the process oil and greaseIt takes a large number of complex heavy metals, organics, TSS, BTEX, PCB and a number of contaminants in water. Water then flows up into the chamber in the adsorption steering –gt; 6 second stage chamber honeycomb, honeycomb flow through tight compartment of the second stage, three vertically reversing the flow, the remaining traces of oil will be collected in its upper float , flow enters –gt; 7 water chamber, the water eventually withdrawn from the bottom water chamber. For the remaining traces of oil in the second stage chamber and a water chamber cellular downwards by a cloth arranged on top of the skimmers to the outside of the oil storage container is removed.

2. The oil-water separator selective attention

1. buy regular factory
water separator market price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, the quality difference is relatively large, there are some fake and shoddy products, if freeloaders to buy inferior products, the costs may be the last set of fuel injectors, and even change the engine, so we buy oil-water separator to the regular service station to buy mainstream brands of products .
To ensure that the entire fuel supply system of the engine, the installation of a certain type decanter large displacement than the original car comes.
2. Note that the drainage time
Do not think that the placement of sit back and relax, the following water separator has a transparent plastic cup of water, in the use of oil-water separator must pay attention to timely turn on the water, the plot too much water oil-water separator will not achieve the role of the oil-water separator.
Automatic drain feature
Some manufacturers have advanced automatic drainage function, the following water separator bowl with a water level sensor, when the water level reaches a certain value in meterDial on the above computer screen prompts water, drainage water separator must be a. Drain operation is also very convenient, parking handbrake, turn off the engine, with the ignition key to the position, the switch is pressed on the instrument panel only about 18 seconds to complete drainage.
3. Northern chosen with a heating function
Further, the cold weather but also easy for water cup below the water freezing damage, especially in the northern areas, many users in order to prevent freezing water separator, to water separator put on a thick coat, but to be safe, or suggested the use of oil-water separator with electric heating function.
dining oil-water separator is mainly used with domestic oil sewage pollution of the environment, the oil-water separator is to introduce the production of “Grease collector resistance”, installed at the outlet of the sewer to prevent oil and garbage discharged into the sewer system, mainly glass, steel, stainless steel and other materials. Because of advanced design (design of the product and its domestic and foreign patent applications are), the resistivity of the oil can reach 90% or more.
catering water separator Characteristics
(a) structural features
Grease resistance current collector is a box structure may be embedded in the ground or floor, the slip cover open, sewage through the inlet flows residue resistance current collector chamber, leaving a solid matter, the sewage through the separator edge flows grease barrier collection chamber, separated by gravity lot of fat floating on the surface, the edge flows into the oil barrier set lower chamber deoiled water through the separator, grease trap floating surface again, de-oiled water outlet flows into the State environmental Protection Administration of a predetermined standardized sample chamber clean water, to facilitate sampling, is discharged through the discharge pipe.
entire grease collector resistor fine design, rational, small size, high efficiency, raw materials for stainless steel and glass.
(b) product characteristics
1 low-cost, no consumption of wearing parts, an investment year-round benefit.
2 no electricity and power, no running costs, relies entirely on self-purification of sewage inflow, easy management.
3 hard material, easy to clean, long life.
4 to prevent sewer blockages, avoid rodent and pest breeding rot caused by grease, odor from leaking and unnecessary clean-up work, extend the life of the sewer.
select food type oil-water separator
1, underground-embedded
Conditions: buried underground space.
position: try disposed in the drain branch pipe a starting end (the source of contamination).
Features: do not account for the use of space, does not affect walking and transportation.
2, lifting type (ordinary type, fire type and hetero)
condition: the second floor and the second floor above the ground using the mounting holes reserved.
position: as far as possible in the drain branch pipe always horizontal (contamination source).
Features: installation strong enough to withstand the weight of the device, and does not affect the quality of the ground layer, and the use life of the building.
Type: if necessary divided into ordinary type, fire type and shaped.
3, bed-side type
Conditions: none laid underground space, while the ground placement site.
position: before drainage pipes, with the sink, stove, or water connection units vertical.
4, large
Conditions: buried underground and the bed can be set.
position: the drain terminal of the branch pipe.
features: on the spot assembled at the construction site, and can be used for high-level underground negative One Two Three clean water tank, sump, effluent quality improved, to extend the service life of submersible pumps.

3 part water separator

1: coarse-grained core cover, coarse-grained core, the core of the gasket base plate and the coarse oil-water separator
2: fine and water filter cavity, a transparent plastic tube, the fine filter cover
3: three curved mouth cock, stainless steel wire mesh
4: electromagnetic jack and manual control of: pressure and temperature of the heater controller
5 valves, etc.

4. Water separator maintenance management

turbine operation management prior to use oil-water separator, illustrating the use of the product should be maintained, the understanding of the separator starts, operation and maintenance requirements, etc.
a: start of examination and preparation
1: Before using the oil equipment emissions separator must be approved by the bridge of the
2: Check the water separator line installation, matching the pump rotates normally [123 ] 3: water into the water separator, the top of the air valve is opened, air escapes
4: check the water separator without any leakage
two out of the water system: operating considerations
1: adjusting the valve opening passage to exclude water, maintaining the pressure within the separator, the separator in order to facilitate the exclusion of waste oil
2: observe the pressure gauge, thermometer indicating instrument and the like are normal
3: drainage observed after treatment water quality and operation of the parts of the oil concentration alarm
4: after completion of the discharge, into the water should continue to run 15min, washed separator
5: Close the inlet valve after the pump stops, to avoid loss of water barrel, reducing the inner wall oxidation, corrosion
6: each use the oil discharged to the oil should be recorded in the recording thin
III: maintenance
1: regular cleaning filter, relief valve open bottom of the separator, negative precipitate sediment in the lower part, the impurity
2: prompt settlement Internal separator separating element, and the inner wall of the separator element and avoid washing with detergent
3: when a fault occurs, determine the cause and replace the coalescence element
IV failure: Internal corrosion
1. small internal corrosion of oil-water separator
just crude mined from the ground, when the temperature is relatively high due to the presence of acid gases, crude oil (oil, water, gas mixture) is very corrosive. How to prevent highTemperature corrosion, has been a problem. In 2005, the high temperature corrosion resistant polymer composite materials has become a major method of high-temperature corrosion, as an efficient, low-cost, high-performance oil-water separator technology is trusted to protect the enterprise. Polymer composites obvious advantages in this respect, high temperature performance than the general coating technique, often corrosion-resistant than coatings same temperature, and wear, which are unmatched by other coating systems.
2. Internal corrosion of a large oil-water separator
Water separators are made by conventional steel, if not spraying, will corrode quickly, because there are sulfur crude oil, water and the like, and the temperature relatively high, another flow, coupled with the impact of corrosion, general paint can not, if made of stainless steel, the cost is too high. Using United States-Wah series of high temperature polymer composite material application technology is very special, generally 1 hour After spraying, forming a top 0.4mm, in the end portion on the other 1.4mm (55 mils), at one go. The thickness of the coating, can make it more wear-resistant, the thickness of the other paint sprayed, to 2-3 layers, or even more, to be sprayed more than 5 days. This is not just a question of construction efficiency, but also the quality issue, but also life issues.

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