What is Pacific Automotive Network?

Pacific Automotive Network under the Guangzhou Pacific Computer Information Consulting Co., Ltd. since its inception in July 2002, with its charm quickly caught the attention of the industry, won the majority of users support. As a professional automotive network media, PCauto to information, shopping guide, car guide, interactive as a starting point, adhere to the original style, car quotes, shopping guide, evaluation, vehicles, supplies, and many other first-hand information for the users, and create riders an interactive communication space.

1. The introduction

Pacific Automotive Network (www.pcauto.com.cn) is China’s first professional automotive Internet media, with high brand awareness, is China’s first listed the automotive Web site.

PCauto with its strong financial strength and international management team, sound infrastructure and a strong technical force, a professional portal as a starting point , through the operation of a professional team and extensive promotion and publicity, WEB + WAP + APP multi-platform communication, landing 240 sub-stations across the countryA number of cities, combining online and offline advertising and marketing model, created a perfect all-round, multi-angle, Syndicated news of a strong network of professional automotive media, to create a strong brand influence.

For more information please click here:. //Corp.pcauto.com.cn/auto_index.html

2 site Channel

models Library [123 ]

build China’s best automotive products offer libraries to model as the core, radiation price, configuration parameters, models pictures, related articles, reviews owners, rebates, and other content distributors to provide a full range of car information services.

Testing Center

PCauto Testing Center with strict selection of test driver, advanced test equipment, test drive the fastest car right create the most professional automotive testing center.

car information

In order to meet users ardent expectation on the new car, the PCauto predicted car developed, road test spy, car appearance , released on the market together, and the whole process is a comprehensive display of the new car market to the users.

used car

massive real-time used car information, authoritative vehicle price evaluation system, and convenient distribution system, personalized car and car dealers Assistant service, so users can easily achieve sale and purchase transactions.

Auto Accessories

platform for professional automotive supplies, library supplies a powerful With over 10,000 automotive products, covering entertainment, electronic appliances, security products , modified parts, automotive interior, GPS, and all other products, everything.

interactive forum

PCauto provide the most popular interactive platform for the riders riders, 3 million registered users, average daily amount of 40,000 new posts More than 60 percent owners have had to share in the forum, reading experience, so many riders PCauto into life.

China car lovers

China Owners Group Owners Group is an innovative platform. Owners Group organization dedicated to providing the domain name, such as product features a separate page, with high quality free promotional channel, and actively promote the development and expansion of the organization bikers.

Video Center

professional video production team, create original quality video program “V experience” and “contest”, to provide users super visual feast.

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