What is power-adjustable driver’s seat?


electrically adjustable driver’s seat which the driver seat is adjusted electrically adjustable manner, the general configuration of the vehicle will be equipped with a high electrically adjustable driver’s seat, it will be equipped with high-end models simultaneously electrically adjustable passenger seat.

electrically adjustable driver’s seat

is electrically adjustable driver’s seat front-rear position of the seat can be adjusted by controlling the motor, the vertical height of the backrest angle, more luxurious models leg support can be adjusted, and the like lumbar support. Power seat adjustment to enable a person in a relatively comfortable driving position. As a result of the adjustment motor, it is carried on the bottom of the screw moved, than to manually adjust the simple, labor-saving, but also can achieve stepless adjustment.

“power-adjustable driver’s seat,”

electrically adjustable driver’s seat with generally higher in the configuration models.

electrically adjustable passenger seat

power front seat adjustment is generally equipped with high or high-grade car, depending on the location, the grade, only some models driver’s seat is equipped with power seats, but the co-pilot is still manually adjusted, and the configuration is slightly higher co-pilot will be equipped with electric seat adjustment.

“Electrically adjustable passenger seat,”

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