What is PQ35 platform?

1.PQ35 platform

PQ35 platform concept was first proposed and practiced by the Volkswagen Group, and was a great success on the PQ34 platform. But Volkswagen Group now has basically been moving away from the concept of the platform, and take a more abstract concept of modules.
more general concept of the platform, and not a single entity concept. Its essence is actually extensive use of common parts, to take a similar chassis, body structure, driving structure, similar to the production process.

platform concept is mainly reflected in the design and development stage, thanks to a template that already exist in research and development, not only the vehicle development to shorten the cycle, and common parts significantly reduces the cost of production, and make excellent models that already exist more technical advantages extended to other models. Does not mean that the platform chassis and suspension, it does not mean the production line, the same line is possible to produce products of different platforms, a production line may not be able to produce products of the same platform, the same platform models do not necessarily represent the product homogeneity.
PQ35 in platform P represents Q represents transverse engine, 3 represents an A-Class, which is compact car, 5 refers to the fifth generation. So PQ35 refers to the transverse engine is based on five generations of golf, a variety of models can be developed to expand the platform.

the public PQ35 platform, it belongs to the Volkswagen Group Class A fifth-generation platform, the current products on this platform include the Tiguan, Golf five or six generations, Touran , caddy, Scirocco Scirocco, the Audi TT, A3, Skoda Octavia. Technical characteristics of the vehicle and PQ35 process comprises: four independent suspension (MacPherson front four-link), a large length of the laser welding seamless, two-sided galvanized high strength steel, CAN-BUS entire vehicle information and control the whole network Road vehicles coating process or the like, but as described above, not all PQ35 platform developed vehicles are provided with the above-described techniques. For example, after Volkswagen Caddy van van PQ35 is no multi-link suspensionframe. PQ35 engines typically configured to 1.6FSI (golf began to spread from the Five Dynasties), 1.4TSI, 1.8TFSI, 2.0FSI, 2.0TFSI, 2.0TDI, etc., and some foreign-made engine version is still equipped with low commonly used on PQ34 1.4 16v, 1.6 SMFI, 2.0SMFI engine.

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