What is radial tire?

radial tire (radial tire) radial tire is a tire structure, different from the bias tire, the tire arch, pressure tires. Radial tire international code-named “R”, commonly known as “steel tires.”

1. Noun interpretation radial tire

radial tire (radial tire) radial tire is a tire structure, different from the bias tire, the tire arch, pressure tires. Radial tire international code-named “R”, commonly known as “steel tires.”

2. The radial tire of the basics

radial tire carcass cord arrangement is different from the bias tire, a radial tire cords arranged not cross each other, but close to parallel with the casing section, arranged as earth meridian, small cord angle, typically 0 ° , there is no intersection between the carcass cords maintain, when the tire during running, the stress around the crown portion is increased, to cause the circumferential gap to radially stretch the carcass. Thus the use of radial tires the buffer layer close to the circumferential cord layer arranged in contact with the carcass cord angle of 90 ° intersection, typically 70 ° to 78 °, is formed with a rigid annular hardly extendable, fixed to the entire tire , limits the circumferential deformation of the tire, the buffer layer 60 to withstand the entire tire stress percentage to 70 percent, a major force receiving member of the radial tire, so called belt layer of a radial tire. Main bias tire force receiving member is not on the buffer layer, the internal stress 80 percentage to 90 percentage borne by the carcass ply. Thus, with a radial tire belt layer design is very important, must have good rigidity, large angle can be multilayer, high tensile strength and not easily fibrous material such as steel or glass fibers.

3. Classification radial tire

The radial tires can be divided into different materials all steel radial tires, steel radial tires and semi-radial tire three types of whole fibers.

● all steel radial tire

all steel radial tire belt layers are used steel cord, are generally used for load vehicles and construction machinery.


steel radial tire carcass half using rayon or other fibers, the belt layer is a steel cord, this type of radial tire for a general passenger car or light truck, such as buses and so on.

● radial tire full fiber

fiber full radial tire carcass and the belt layer or other wide use of rayon fiber cords, belt cords should low-elongation cord, which is generally radial tire for a passenger car or a tractor on low speed.
radial tire reasonable structure, superior to bias tires performance, there are many excellent characteristics: good wear resistance and puncture resistance; good cushioning properties, low running temperature; good stability and safety, economic efficiency and mileage high.

4. Advantages disadvantages radial tire

● radial tire

(1) ground contact area , good adhesion properties, a small slip of the tread on the ground unit pressure is small, and thus rolling resistance, long service life.

(2) has a crown thick and stiff belt layer, easy piercing; small deformation during running, fuel consumption can be reduced 3 to 8 percentage percentage.

(3) because of less number of plies, sidewallsIs thin, its radial elasticity, cushioning property, a large load capacity.


(4) cooling performance, can be adapted to high temperature, high speed.

(5) tax: Since January 1, 2001, radial tires are exempt from consumption tax.

● disadvantages radial tire

due to the thinner sidewall, a crown thick, which is easy to produce cracks in the transition zone of the sidewall. Side deformation, resulting in poor lateral stability of the vehicle, the high requirements of manufacturing technology, the cost is high.

Since the tire having a radial wear, fuel economy, ride comfort and traction, the high-speed stability and good performance characteristics, so as to obtain a fast development. The current international market radial tires accounted for 80 percentage of car and truck tire percentages were 90 and 63 percentage.

5 Considerations when radial tires to be noted that the

● tire assembly: a radial tire can not be mixed with other tire on the same vehicle, in particular no and it allows the use of other tires mounted on the same shaft.

● Tire pressure: standard pneumatic radial tire according to the provisions. When it’s a normal tire inflation pressure and the same, it will become under-inflated.

● vehicle toe: Front Wheel tires modified by one of ordinary radial tire, the toe to be correspondingly reduced.

● driving operation: When driving a vehicle fitted with radial tires, started to slow, steady to brake, turn, or vehicle will be traveling on a rough road when decelerating, Overtaking should be selected in a wide section of the ground, not too hard steering wheel.

● protect the carcass: radial tire side of the thin, large deformation, it can easily be scratched.

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