What is sports style seats?

an ordinary car seat emphasizing comfort, but when cornering, lateral acceleration can not support a strong centrifugal force is applied to the body, the body of the driver have a serious roll. Relative strength also affects the back and grip the steering body transmitted, for high-powered sports car, it would appear that the security situation decreases.

generated by friction with the ground tire grip reflected, transmitted to the vehicle body via the steering wheel and the driver, generally called ldquo; rdquo ;, and driver road feel is according to a sense of road feedback, make the most appropriate driving reflect, because you want to control a vehicle traveling in addition to turning the steering wheel beyond, but would like to seize the precise center of gravity of the body, in addition to the driver itself, the seat also provides a very big help.

Nouveau seat body designed for high speed and designed to reflect and human body, and therefore especially the seat back and the seat cushion to be strengthened two parts, both sides of the body so that the waist / shoulder and back can be good lateral support and rigidity of the seat itself has also been strengthened, it is possible to provide effective counter to the centrifugal force generated by the lateral acceleration during cornering, can be more accurately feel the tire and road grip, so that the driver the vehicle can be precisely controlled.

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