What is the active head restraints?

The active headrest AHR (Active Head Restraint)

1, Introduction

The active headrest is a purely mechanical system, the top of the pad supported by a rod connected to the pressure plate inside the seat back, the vehicle was when the rear seat rear-ended, the occupant’s body by the impact force, will hit the back, the pressure plate pushed back, the headrest causes forward pushing up so before the violent shaking of head and neck, hold the head and neck of passengers, prevent or reduce the possibility of injury. Another advantage of the active headrest is completed after the actuation, it will automatically return to the original position, the next use, without the need for maintenance, which is designed to provide adequate protection of the head of the cervical spine. Its effect is significant has been well documented in the crash investigation. According to the survey, when equipped with active head restraints can be reduced by 75 percentage cervical spine injuries caused by rear-ended.

2, action

When the vehicle was to strike the rear, the part of the damage is the most common cervical spine, even at low speed and vice versa; Although the cause is hard to determine the position and injuries, but many believe that a key factor in medical research nape of these injuries, because the rear rear-ended, the head relative to the body caused by violent shaking.

3, the working process

The active headrest (non-inflatable) works:
The non-pneumatic crash-active head restraints, using mechanical means, when activated by, the entire by shifting the metal support pillar of the headrest upward, thereby protecting the human head and neck
there are two mechanisms:
1. the principle of the headrest activation
crash-active headrest apparatus in which, when it is subjected to activation, the deviceShifting the entire headrest support column upwardly through the metal, to protect the human neck.
2. Activate seatback
crash-active protection mechanism disposed inside the seat, when activated by, mechanical means will seat move the headrest upward, thereby protecting the human head and neck.

4, classification

WHIPS headrest

whose name is “Whiplash protection System”, which is introduced Volvo a driver’s head security solutions. Characterized by: a headrest of the seat back as a whole, upon impact, the overall shift in the seating system deformable member is deformed, thereby absorbing energy during a collision, the occupant protection safety. The reaction headrest

a transition mechanism of the headrest and the seat back is connected integrally Hanyang Beijing, when subjected to collision, the pressure acting on the backrest moving means causes the transition, the headrest of the driver rests head, play a security role. Passive headrest

headrest and the seat back are connected together, may be a fixed connection, it may also be adjustable connection. WIL headrest

what is called the “Whiplash Injury Lessening” driver safety restraint, when subjected to rear-end collision, the occupant is pushed to a capability to withstand a collision in the backrest member Toyota in advance of the head of the occupant safety protection. Active head restraints

Mercedes company car is used in this safety restraint, also known as “proaktiv”, occurs when a vehicle collision, the head restraint forward quickly roll out.

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