What is the basic parameter level?


What is?

level of the car is classified according to certain criteria, for easy identification.


You know what?

As the worldwide car and there is no uniform classification criteria, the standard classification level of the car are not the same in the major automobile major producing countries. Our daily contact with most of the cars, the United States will follow wheelbase sedan classification, according to the working volume of the Japanese classification, classified according to the German car production platform is divided into A, B, C, class D. In China, the national standard GB / T3730.1-1988 in accordance with the provisions of the cars working volume classification.


how divided?

is divided into: miniature car (A00 grade), small car (A0 level), compact cars (A level), the car (class B), in the large car (C grade), Deluxe model (D grade), multi-purpose vehicle (MPV), sport utility vehicles (SUV), sports car commercial vehicles.

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