What is the basic parameters 0-100 acceleration time?


What is?

0-100km / h acceleration (s) of the vehicle is started from rest, the speed rise time to 100km / h are used.


what it means?

car acceleration time, a symbol of the acceleration of the car, that is, the ability to rapidly increase travel speed. Intuitively sense the length of one hundred kilometers acceleration time means good or bad performance of the car’s speed, the shorter the better, of course; it is deep-seated, one hundred kilometers acceleration time is shorter means that the larger the engine torque (torque to accelerate the popular understanding performance, that is, power, power means endurance), body lighter (heavy body will certainly affect the acceleration), the higher the power of the vehicle.


and what about?

Automotive vehicle acceleration and its suspension system, the vehicle body structure, the wheel control system, engine displacement, engine performance has a direct relationship, in some professional test trials, or even also consider wind speed, outside temperature, ground temperature, ground humidity, the slightest disturbance will affect the normal vehicle acceleration performance.

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