What is the basic parameters of length × width × height?


What is

car length, width and height data representing the size of the external dimensions of the vehicle body.


you know

· body width data does not include two exterior mirrors, parcel shelf comprising height data but does not include an antenna.

· divided according to the general level of the vehicle body length and wheelbase.

· Body may be too large parking inconvenient, and some underground parking spaces more limited or mechanical, before stopping you want to observe in order to avoid rub.

· Even if two cars does not mean that the same body size as large interior space, choosing cars can not just data, but also the actual experience of interior space.

· listing, length and wheelbase may differ with different car models and other parts of the country and abroad. Having regard to user groups, manufacturers might be lengthened this car. Some European cars to the North American market US regulations put the rear bumper, body length increases.



* Body length: refers to the most distal end projecting from the car to the rear position most protruded position from the end.

· body width: generally refers to the left and right ends of the vehicle bodyFrom the most protruding position. But it does not comprise individual portions of the two exterior mirrors, side marker lamps and the like.

– Body height: when the vehicle without load, the distance from the ground to the highest point of the car. If the car has a luggage rack, luggage rack height so highly included, but does not include the height of the antenna.

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