What is the basic parameters of the body structure?


What is?

divided body structure hatchback, sedan, hatchback, station wagons, sports, MPV, SUV, pickups, trucks, buses.


Basic Profile models


In other countries, the hatchback is often called “hatchback”, which is hatchback meaning, but this is somewhat different from our domestic scream hatchback. In China, hatchback means less prominent “ass” (trunk) of the car, the cabin and the trunk will make the same envelope, and the engine separate arrangement. This layout form to increase interior space, so much for a small car and compact car.


closing body structure of three mutually different uses “car” consisting of: the trunk portion of the front engine compartment, passenger compartment and the rear portion of the central body. In other countries, often called Sedan sedan or saloon.


MPV refers to the utility vehicle (multi-PurposeVehicles), speaking from the source, MPV is gradually evolved from a wagon, which combines generous occupant space station wagon, sedan comfort, and vans in-one, usually hatchback structure, namely utility vehicles. MPV has a complete generous occupant space, which makes it great flexibility in the internal structure, which is the most attractive place MPV. 7-8 may be arranged at the vehicle interior individual seat, there is a certain space for luggage; flexible seating arrangement, or may all be folded down, and some may even move around rotation.


SUV is SportUtilityVehicle shorthand, meaning that Chinese sport utility vehicle, also has a wagon-like comfort and space and certain off-road capability of the vehicle, the SUV is now generally refers to those with cars platform-based production, to a certain extent, both have the comfort of the car, there are off-road vehicles through sexual models.


In English, often referred wagon wagon, called the Audi Avant, BMW called Touring, Mercedes-Benz called Estate, in general most of the station wagon were car-based, heightening the car’s trunk and the roof to flush, to increase luggage space. Wagon advantage is that it has both sedan comfort, there are also considerable luggage space.


is generally two-door car design, lower body, smooth shape, with a relatively strong sense of movement, the seat is a two-seater or 2 + 2 design, models and other levels difference is obvious, there may be a sports car engine front, center and rear three forms; and its form has hardtop roof, hard top convertible convertible soft top, and three. Many different types of sports, there is the pursuit of performance, such as the Lamborghini Murcielago; some only like to pursue, such as Kia speed step and so on.


hatchback abroad often refers to the hatchback, in English translation for the Hatchback, while domestic referring to are those hatchback sedan with a shape similar to, there protrudes trunk, and the trunk lid but the entire rear window glass can be opened is integrally together, often referred to in a foreign country or the fastback Quickback, translated as “fast back”, relatively short and relatively dynamic trunk tail lines, so that more than hatchback sedan in the visual effects. Domestic common hatchback has MG6, Skoda Octavia, Mazda coupe version and so on.


is provided behind the cab roof without container, container cab side as one of the connected light truck. It is like the front of the car, station wagon behind the car with a cargo box.


refers mainly by truckIn the car to transport goods, and sometimes also refers to other vehicles can tow cars, commercial vehicles belonging to the category. Generally it is divided into two kinds in accordance with the weight of the heavy and light vehicles. Most of all truck diesel engine as a power source, but some light-duty trucks use gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas.


take more than nine people, generally have a square compartments for carrying passengers and their carry-on baggage of commercial vehicles, such models mainly for the use of public transport and community transport.

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