What is the belt?

As the seat belt during the vehicle collision protection guard substantially occupants, it is born earlier than the car. As early as 1885, seat belt use and appear in the carriage, the purpose is to prevent passengers from falling off the wagon. A car race held in New York May 20, 1902 the court, in order to prevent a racing car being thrown at high speeds, with a few belts tied himself and his companions in their seats. When the contest, they drive the car into the audience by accident, two people were killed and dozens injured, and that several racers survived was due to the belt. This belt has become a few prototype car seat belts, first used in the car, it saved the lives of users.

In 1922, the sports car racing field start to use seat belts; In 1955, Ford Motor fitted with a seat belt; in 1968, the United States provides forward-facing car seats are to install seat belts. Europe and Japan and other developed countries have developed a car occupants must wear seat belts, China’s Ministry of Public Security on November 15, 1992 issued a notice, provisions from 1 July 1993, all passenger cars (including cars , jeeps, vans, mini trucks) drivers and front seat passengers must use seat belts. Article 51 of the “Road Traffic Safety Law”: When the motor vehicle, the driver and the passengers should be required to use seat belts, motorcycle drivers and passengers should wear safety helmets regulations.

all vehicle safety belt system in a basic. The car, the seat belt to pull over, then quot; click quot; good sound system. It is easy, is not it? Yes, it is very easy, but people still forget to do this, or that they do not like this to be quot; bound quot; feeling, and now most of the new vehicles will emit a variety of sound or light signals to alert people to wear seatbelts so-called quot; forgotten quot; will come to the end. In 2004, the victim of a car accident on the highway and 55 percentage not wearing seat belts, and according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS estimates that in 2002 there are 14,570 people escaped from the hands of death, simply because they are wearing a seat belt.

include technological advances belt pretensioner,The force limiter, as well as three-point or four-combinations and the like. At the time of impact, seat belt pre-tensioners can be tightened to prevent displacement due to the lax brought cause bodily harm. After the impact, the force limiter may be slightly seat belt slack to reduce pressure on the vehicle occupant.

can be three-point belt restraints front of the thigh and chest of the passenger, in the mini-car will be in the front passenger serious injury by 44 percent (and not wearing a seatbelt compared to the passenger), serious injury to rear seat passengers can reduce the percentage of 44, if compared with the lateral safety belt, serious injury to rear seat passengers can be reduced by 15 percentage. More importantly, the front passenger seat belt instead of a three-point seat belt laterally, injury to the occupant’s head and abdomen, respectively, and the percentage may be reduced 52 47 * percentage.

A typical four-point seat belt harness comprises two vertical, chest vehicle occupant restraints can be in, and connected at the bottom of the transverse buckle. Four-point seat belts have been used for many years in the car, and now some kind production companies, such as Volvo, are trying to apply it to the mini-car. Design starting point at the time of occurrence of car roll, four-point seat belt may be an impact force more evenly spread out, but also can be firmly fixed to the seat occupant.

a look at our video for wearing seat belts measured it, do not think that you can not wear a seat belt when the rush hours.

tightening belts

tightening belts (PRETENSIONER SEAT BELT), also known as seat belt pre-shrinking. This belt is characterized by the moment when car crashes occur when the occupant moves forward yet it would first tighten the webbing, the crew immediately tightly tied to the chair, and then lock the webbing to prevent the occupant leaned forward effectively protect the safety of occupants. Tightening belts play a major role in the normal seat belt retractor with different functions in addition to ordinary retractable webbing retractor further includes a vehicle speed when an abrupt change occurs, can enhance occupant restraint in about 0.1 seconds force, it means there is a control and pre-tensioning device.

The basic principles of the

over the belt role in the process: first, tightened in time, at the first time of the accident without hesitation man quot; press quot; on the seat. Then, appropriate to relax until the peak impact of the past, or who have been able to be protected by an air bag, seat belt that is appropriate to relax. Avoid pulling too large to make a rib injury. Advanced seat belts with pre-tensioners and have force limiters, let’s look at the functional principle of the two.

First, the seat belt pretensioner when an accident occurs, the forward person, the seat back, if the belt is too loose at this time is probably the consequence: the occupant from sliding under the safety belt out: or, people have encountered airbags, seat belts due to the tension at a time when more than excessive and failed to tighten, which failed to advance as hoped eaten part of momentum, but all the burden are handed over to the air bag . Both cases are likely to lead to serious occupant injury. But the problem is properly installed seat belts. Loosening room come from? First, because the occupant’s clothes itself has a certain thickness, in addition to the seat belt device is also much room to hide some of the loose, this room can not be eliminated, but really an accident, you should also try to eliminate. How to do? For this reason there is such a seat belt pre-tensioners which is responsible for providing instant taut seat belt. Its role in the process are: a first probe responsible for collecting information on crash, and then releases an electrical pulse that is transmitted to the gas generator, the gas detonation. Rapid expansion of a gas explosion in the pipe, is pressed against the so-called ball chain, the ball forward in the blow tube, the disc rotation drive ratchet. Uranium pawl is integral with the plate, around the belts to the shaft. Simply put, the gas pressure to move the ball, the ball detent disc rotation drive, the disk drive pawl shaft revolution – the pretensioner function effected instantaneously belt. From the perception accident seat belt pretensioner to complete the whole process lasts only thousandths of a second. End of the pipe length is a cavity for a ball roll over shelter.

Second, the belt force limiter accident, under the action of the seat belt pretensioner device has been tightened. But we hope that in force after the peak in the past, belt tensioning efforts to immediately reduce to reduce passenger stress, this special task would be completed by the belt force limiters: On the seat belt device, such as a front the pretensioner, the seat belt is wound around the bottom. Inside the core shaft is a steel torsion rod. When the load reaches a predetermined case, the torsion bar begins to twist, thus relaxing the belt to a certain extent, to achieve a function of belt tension limit.

major component of tightening belts

The control device has two points:

[123 ] a is

electronic control apparatus , is detected by an electronic control unit (ECU) an abnormal change in vehicle acceleration, after computer processing control device sends a signal to the retractor, to stimulate pre-tensioning device work, the tightening belts normally used in combination with an auxiliary airbag.

Another is

Mechanical control means , detected by the sensor to an abnormal change in the acceleration of the vehicle, the excitation control means pre-tensioning device is operated, which may be used alone tightening belts use.

pre-tensioning device may take many forms, the common pre-tensioning means is a deflagration type, initiator by a gas, the gas generating agent, the conduit, piston, and the drive wheel ropes composition. When the collision of the automobile after the pretensioning device is excited, the gas inside bottom sealing conduit initiator immediately spontaneous combustion, detonation of the gas generating agent sealed in the same conduit, a large amount of the gas generating agent gas expands immediately, forcing the piston moves upward pulling the rope, rope wheels driven by the drive wheel rotation number so that rotation of the spool of the retractor, the webbing is wound onto the spool, so that the webbing is pulled back. Finally, an emergency locking retractor webbing fixed body of the occupant, preventing the body forward with the steering wheel to avoid, collision panels and windows.

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