What is the big trade car?

4S shop is set car sales, maintenance, spare parts and information services as one of the dealer. 4S shop is a kind of “four in one” as the core of the automotive franchise business model, including vehicle sales (Sale), parts (Sparepart), service (Service), Feedback (Survey) and so on. It has the appearance of a unified image of a unified identity, unified management standards, operating only a single brand features. It is a prominent personality of the physical market, cultural ideas have consistency and unity of channels, 4S shop to enhance the car brand, the advantages of car manufacturers image is obvious.

1. Detailed large trade procedures

refers to the state approved the import of fully paid through customs duties, excise tax, value added tax of imported cars.

2. Features large trade procedures

must import permit declaration (foreign-funded enterprises import license), a certificate of customs import goods, there is the port of entry inspection certificate. Currently imported cars to entry between individuals to purchase, you need to pay customs duties, VAT, excise taxes, imported car, its comprehensive basic tax rate equivalent to 70 percentage of the vehicle price, which is the largest trading procedures imported cars, the prices ranking no less than the reason for the high. Difference

3 large trade cars and small trade cars

“big trade car” is a manufacturing plant direction Chinese vehicle market supply in accordance with national legislation, collectively referred to “in line with China’s national safety standards for vehicles ** formal trade”; the so-called “small car trade”, mostly unconventional way cross-country regional products imported Chinese market, the biggest difference is the car cheap but no factory warranty.

“big car trade” in accordance with Chinese national mandatory law and regulations must bear a manufacturer’s warranty, or they will suffer penalties to stop imports; the so-called “small car trade” (or small group called), is by the applicant or the importer in accordance with the principle of own use, regulation of imports to the countryDepartments for imported before the import declaration must bear the risk of using their own vehicles, in other words, maintenance, warranty, whether on the card are solely responsible.

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