What is the co-pilot airbag?

copilot airbag mounted in an automobile is a front passenger seat, generally above the instrument panel glove box.

1. Copilot airbag noun

copilot airbag mounted in an automobile is a front passenger seat, generally above the glove box, an instrument panel, a passive safety belongs.

When violent frontal collision occurs will lead to substantial deformation front of the vehicle, and the vehicle occupants will share this with the violent inertia dive forward, causing the collision with the car components with each other, co-pilot airbags can protect the safety of the passenger’s seat passenger, insulate the head and torso with a direct impact panel, cushioning the impact of the displacement of the head due to inertia, to avoid fatal injuries.

2. Copilot airbag works

When the sensor detects a vehicle collision, the gas generator ignition explosive reaction will occur, resulting in the release of nitrogen or compressed nitrogen filled bag, air passengers and contact with the bag, via a buffer absorb the impact energy, thereby protecting the passenger.

airbag as a passive safety devices, protective effect has been widely recognized that people first patent related to airbag began in 1958. In 1970 alone the manufacturers started to develop can reduce collisions in the degree of injury of a passenger airbag; in the 1980s, automobile manufacturers began fitted with airbags; into the 1990s, put the amount of airbags rose sharply; while entering the new century later, in general it is equipped with airbags on cars. Since airbags available, it has saved many lives. Studies have shown that frontal air bag device car crash, the driver of mortality, big cars reduced by 30 percentage midsize sedan by 11 percentage small cars reduced by 20 percentage.

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