What is the CVT transmission?


Did you know?

CVT i.e., continuously variable transmission. The biggest difference between this and a regular automatic transmission is that it eliminates the need for complex and heavy variable transmission gear assembly, but with just two variable speed drive pulley.


pros and cons

improve fuel economy and vehicle power, ease of manipulation as improved ride comfort of the driver and passenger, so it is ideal for automobile transmissions, stepless gearbox has its own car-like gear, parking position P, reverse position R, neutral N, forward gear D, etc., but when the car forward automatic transmission is very smooth, I did not feel sudden jump.



the CVT system mainly comprises a driving wheel set, driven wheel set, The basic components of the metal strip and the hydraulic pump and the like. The metal strip is made of metal rings and two beams hundreds metal sheet. Driving wheel and the driven wheel set set by the movable and stationary discs, and the elements close to the cylinder side of the pulley the shaft can slide, the other side is fixed. The movable plate and the fixed plate are tapered structure, the tapered surface thereof to form a V-groove engaged with V-belt metal. Output power of the engine output shaft is transmitted to the first drive wheel of the CVT, and then transmitted through the V-belt to the driven gear, and finally transmitted to the wheel through the reduction gear, a differentialTo drive the car.


Since the continuously variable transmission and a

The automatic transmission is easy to operate, and reduce driver fatigue born, the gear shift control by the system, which can be divided pilot hydraulic automatic transmissions and electronically controlled hydraulic automatic transmission; transmission ratio-change mode can be divided into a stepped automatic transmission and a continuously variable automatic transmission. Therefore, the continuously variable transmission is actually an automatic transmission, but it is more than common automatic transmission is much more complex, technically more advanced. A continuously variable transmission and a common hydraulic automatic transmissions biggest difference is in the structure, which is controlled by the hydraulic gear change system configuration, there are gear, it can be achieved between two continuously variable gear , while the continuously variable transmission is a two gear wheels and belt composed of simpler structure than the conventional automatic transmission, smaller. Further, it can freely change the gear ratio to achieve full CVT, vehicle speed change is more stable, there is no tradition that the shift transmission “Dayton” feeling.

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