What is the cylinder pad?

cylinder head gasket between the cylinder bed also known, in the cylinder head and the cylinder block, has a function to fill microscopic voids between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, the junction surface to ensure a good seal, thus ensuring the combustion chamber seal to prevent leaking water jacket and the cylinder leakage. .

1 common cylinder pad Category

Cylinder head gasket can be divided into three different materials prepared by:

A metal cylinder head gasket which asbestos —. asbestos interposed intermediate species wire or metal shavings, and outer copper clad steel skin or sheath. this steel having a thickness of 1.2 ~ 2mm pad has good elasticity and heat resistance, can be used repeatedly, but poor strength, thickness, and the quality is not uniform.

Another use is made of solid metal sheets. This reinforcing mat is used in the engine, the use of which in the car and the car. Such gasket to be sealed cylinder bores and water holes further around the hole punched out with a certain degree of relief by elastic deformation of the ridge seal is achieved.

There are also prepared using the steel wire with the center of the apertured plate or both sides with a skeleton of asbestos and rubber adhesive is pressed into the cylinder head gasket.

2. Features

With the strengthening of the internal combustion engine, the thermal and mechanical loads are increased, the more important the cylinder head gasket sealability. Structure and material requirements are: having a sufficient strength, heat resistance action under the conditions of gas pressure and high temperature corrosion; lot loss or deterioration, corrosion resistance; has a certain elasticity, can compensate for unevenness of the bonding surface to to ensure sealing; long service life.

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