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What is the difference between technology and fuel cars?

The brake system is an important barrier for car safety, what is the difference in electric vehicles and fuel brake systems? Can its working principle ensure safe driving of cars? New energy car brake system daily maintenance?
The electric vehicle and the fuel vehicle brake system are different

[ 123]

The braking principle is to generate a huge friction during the brake process, and convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle to heat energy consumption to achieve the purpose of reducing the speed. That is to say,


is . By controlling all or part of the module with energy reverse flow function, it is achieved that the inertial energy portion of the vehicle is fed back to the accommodator, and the vehicle acts as a brake.

In summary:

Popularity is that the tram is a brake brake of electric motor, and the oil car is brakes with the brake pads [123


What is electric vehicle brake energy recovery?
Electric vehicle brake energy recovery is to improve electric vehicles A main factor in energy efficiency. Brake energy recovery should take into account the braking effect, brake energy distribution, the characteristics of the battery, and the use of storage energy, and then determine how the brake energy storage system is implemented. Most electric vehicles can be worked as generators.


Electromagnetic induction is also called the Law of the electromagnetic induction, such as a portion of the conductor of the closed circuit to cut the magnetic sensor in the magnetic field, the conductor Current will be generated.


When the automobile is decelerated or braked, the current of the motor rotor stops supplying. At the same time, the inertial rotation of the wheel can also drive the rotor to generate electrical energy, and finally the electric energy is stored in power battery pack by motor controller and high voltage power distribution system. .


At the time of deceleration, it always penetrates the accelerator pedal, due to the large motor system, the deceleration is fast, resulting in a step of stepping on the accelerometer each time. Pick up the speed. However, after slow adaptation, it feels better now, as long as the accelerator pedal depth can have different brake feedback, achieve different heel or deceleration distance, the most important thing is that the mileage has improved.


(1) Braking energy recovery, [123 The process of achieving energy recovery is achieved by stepping on the brake pedal. New energy car energy recovery increases the endless mileage, the meter displays a negative value (current).
(2) Tipping energy recovery, is below a certain opening by controlling accelerator pedal (not stepped on the brake pedal) (the opening degree according to the accelerator pedal To control the extent of energy recovery, implement the process of energy recovery. Commonly known as single pedal control mode.


(1) The actual SOC value of the battery is less than a value (calibration manufacturer), that is, the battery allows charging;

[123 ] (2) Recycling negative torque is smaller than the recovery torque allowed by the motor; (3) driving sensation;
(4) ABS function proactive security system is intervened.
Brake energy recovery technology as an important technique of electric vehicles is one of its main means of energy conservation and environmental protection. Brake energy recovery can extend the vehicle life, improve energy utilization.

Energy recovery technology, the most basic is to recover energy with the motor when the pine oil doors pedal. Now there are some manufacturers to make this brake energy recovery intensity, and the normal road driving is basically no need to step on the brake, and it is necessary to pay attention to some vendors. [1


New energy vehicle brake system daily maintenance?


The liquid level of the brake fluid is between the upper and lower limits.

(2) The cleaning of the brake fluid.

The thickness of the brake plate and the brake disc is periodically checked.

(4) Replace the brake liquid on time according to the requirements of the manufacturer.
Driving a vehicle develops a good driving habit, keeping a distance from the train, and the distance of the vehicle braking.

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