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What is the effect of car skylight?

The most important role of automotive sunroof is to ventilate. In the case of air polish (such as smoking, exhaust gas, etc.), if there is no sunroof, it can only ventilate through the side window or air conditioner of the driving vehicle, which is not only poor, but the dirty air outside the car will also Entering the car, the vehicle in the vehicle, the personnel in the window vehicle will feel uncomfortable. After the sunroof, it will solve this problem.
The skylight can also play the effect of rapid cooling, in the summer, the temperature in the car is high, if the air conditioner is very slow, the window cooling speed is slow, the window will play fast cooling during the vehicle driving process. Effect, energy saving and environmental protection.
In addition, the sunroof can also quickly remove the fog of windshield when the air humidity in spring and summer rain is large. Opening the sunroof while driving, keeping the air inner air in the car, safeguarding the driver’s driving safety.

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