What is the engine block material?


What is?

by the engine cylinder block and cylinder head composed of two parts connected to each other by bolts. Different materials used in different engines. Common block material is cast iron, aluminum.


aluminum alloy cylinder block

quality aluminum alloy cylinder block lighter, better fuel economy. A thermally conductive aluminum faster and better heat dissipation. However, the higher cost compared to cast iron, aluminum prone to chemical reaction with water, combustion occurs poor corrosion resistance. Strength aluminum alloy under the same volume of slightly inferior.


iron block

Iron cylinder stronger thermal load, or power of the engine in terms of greater potential for cast iron. Not a chemical reaction, better corrosion resistance. Aluminum lower cost compared to the material of the cylinder. But a large cast iron weight, resulting in poor fuel economy.


Further reading

In order to reduce the inertia of the reciprocating member, mentionResponse speed and high speed, an aluminum alloy is often used as the material of the piston. If the cylinder wall is aluminum. The coefficient of friction between the aluminum and the aluminum is large, aluminum is often used cylinder or cylinder liner cast steel. By adding or reducing the coefficient of friction coating.

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