What is the engine Bore?


What is?

refers to the diameter of the bore cross-sectional circle of the cylinder of the engine, typically in millimeters (mm) units. It is a decision engine performance one of the factors.



is not larger or smaller bore better.


Did you know?

short stroke cylinder bore is larger in the case of the same displacement, a longer stroke of the cylinder bore is small. Short stroke engine Bore large horizontal area of ​​the engine is increased, a larger share of horizontal space, but due to the short stroke, lower the height of the engine, thus reducing the vehicle’s center of gravity, high-speed stability, handling performance have helped. Small bore long stroke engines take up less space in the engine, the front can be designed shorter, to provide space for the cab. However, the overall height of the engine is high, is not easy to lower the front flat design, the design of low-drag, streamline shape has hampered.


Further reading

bore of the engine exhaust can be determined by adding the stroke of an enginethe amount. Displacement = displacement of the engine cylinder displacement × number of cylinders of the horizontal bar (cubic millimeters) = (bore / 2) squared xπx stroke. Note: In general the displacement liters (L) as a unit, should be calculated in terms of the result divided by 100,000.

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