What is the engine cylinder stroke?


What is?

is a cylinder stroke movement of the piston from the top dead center to the bottom dead point, it is a factor which determines an engine performance.



cylinder the shorter or longer stroke is not good.


You know what?

means a short-stroke cylinder piston movement distance is relatively short, the number of reciprocation at the same time can be more, more easily achieve a relatively high engine speed. Cylinder stroke length, is able to achieve a relatively high engine torque.
· cylinder stroke also determines the center of gravity of an engine, the height of the lower short-stroke cylinder, a lower center of gravity is obtained. Conversely, cylinder stroke length, the center of gravity of the engine is relatively high.



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you can see a real-life example of extreme piston travel: F1 racing engine. F1 cars are currently using 2.4 liters of displacement V8 engine, piston stroke less than 40 mm, and the maximum speed can reach 18,000 rpm widespread. By contrast, a displacement Accord 2.4, but the piston stroke of 99 mm, the maximum speed of only 6500 rpm. This makes possible a good illustration of the impact of the piston stroke of the engine characteristics.

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