What is the engine cylinders are arranged in the form?


What is?

The current mainstream of the engine cylinder row form: line (also known as L-type), V type, W-type, the level of R-type rotor opposing (also referred to as type B), engine.

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line engine

line engines commonly abbreviated as “L type”, as L4 represents the inline 4-cylinder means. The engine has a common line L3, L4, L5, L6 four kinds, this layout has a good compactness, stability and economy, and lower manufacturing costs, economy car is the most common arrangement form a cylinder of the engine.


V-type engine for all cylinders is divided into two cylinder groups are arranged at a certain angle, so that the angle between a plane formed by the two cylinder V-shape, so called “type V” engine.

For a V-type engine cylinder relative line layout angled, shortening the body length, and height, can be obtained in the lower mounting position of the body in favor lower center of gravity, the designer also facilitate a lower drag coefficient of the vehicle body. At the same time benefitThe arrangement of the cylinder, the vibration may be offset by a portion of the engine running more smoothly.


W-type engine cylinder row arranged in the form of a W-type, V-type engine such as two panels together , strictly speaking should also belong to the V-type engine is a variant of the V-type engine.

W-type engine is Volkswagen’s proprietary engine technology, is a V-type engine did not small angle side cylinder then shifted, they form a W-type engine layout.


boxer engine cylinder centerline about two angle of 180 ° (V-type engine is generally of 60 °), the biggest advantage boxer engine is a low center of gravity, because it can be a cylinder as a “flat” state, not only reduces the center of gravity of the car, but also a more flat design so that the front, lower, these factors enhance the car’s driving stability. While the horizontal opposed cylinder arrangement is a symmetric stable construction, which makes the smooth running of the engine better than V-type engine, the power consumption during exercise is minimal.

However, the manufacturing cost level of the engine and the difficulty of the process is quite high, so the world’s only Porsche and Subaru two manufacturers use.

The rotary engine of

Transfer of the engine with respect to the common L-type, V-type engines, a conventional cylinder type engine is completely different from the traditional in operation of the cylinders of the engine, the piston in the cylinder in a reciprocating linear motion, linear motion to the piston into rotational movement, the toggle mechanism must be used.

The rotary engine is different, it can be directly expansion force of the combustion gas is converted to driving torque. It can greatly reduce the size of the engine, and the vibration and noiseSound low, it has a large advantage.

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