What is the engine diesel engine?


What is?

refers to a diesel engine as a diesel fuel, the chemical energy into mechanical energy of the heat engine.


you do you know?

Diesel engine operating cycle gasoline engine has many of the same places, but ignition gasoline engine different from a diesel engine cylinder gas mixture is compression ignition, rather than ignited .



– with the displacement of the greater torque to produce .
· good economic performance.



· bulky than gasoline.
* Working noisy.
· manufacturing cost higher than the gasoline engine, is not easy to repair.
· winter cold start problems.
· carbon emissionsSmoke and particles (PM) more.



The energy is generated by a diesel internal combustion cylinder drives even the toggle mechanism on the piston, a reciprocating circular motion around the crankshaft and the output power,
is a four-stroke diesel engine, the intake, compression, power, exhaust four stroke (stroke) composition.

of the intake stroke

The piston is driven by the crankshaft of the dead center TDC moved downwardly, while the intake valve opening, exhaust valve closing. When the piston top dead center from the bottom dead center moves, the volume above the piston increases, the gas pressure in the cylinder drops, a certain degree of vacuum. Since the intake valve opening, intake pipe communicating with the cylinder, the fresh air is drawn into the cylinder. When the piston is moved to the bottom dead center, the cylinder is filled with fresh air.

the compression stroke

of the piston moves from the bottom dead center to top dead center, intake and exhaust valves closed. Driven by the crankshaft under the action of the rotating flywheel inertia force, by pushing upward movement of the piston rod, the volume of gas in the cylinder is gradually reduced, the gas is compressed, air pressure and temperature within the cylinder was dramatically increased (up to a temperature of 600-700C ° ).

power stroke

At this time, while closing the intake and exhaust valves, temperature in the cylinder, a sharp rise in pressure, the cylinder temperature at this time much higher than the ignition temperature of diesel fuel, fuel is injected into the injector cylinder, and air mixing with the diesel combustion itself immediately at a high temperature, high pressure pushes the piston moves downward, through the connecting rod rotates the crankshaft.

exhaust stroke

exhaust valve is opened, the piston moves from the bottom dead center to the top dead center, the exhaust gas with the piston upward, the cylinder is discharged.


Further reading:

diesel engine was invented by German inventor Rudolf Diesel in 1892, to commemorate this bit inventor, diesel is to use his surname diesel represented, while the diesel engine has become a diesel engine (diesel engine).

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