What is the engine displacement?


Did you know?

refers to a gas displacement volume per piston stroke the suction or discharge. The gas volume of the piston from the highest point to the lowest point of the cylinder displacement produced is called; if the engine has several cylinders, all the cylinders and the gas referred to as engine displacement volume. Usually in liters (L) are represented.


how to divide?

level of China’s car division is based on the size of the displacement to decide. Subcompact displacement 1.0L or less; within the range of ordinary class car 1.0-1.6L displacement; intermediate cars in 1.6-2.5L displacement range; class cars within the displacement range 2.5-4.0L ; limousine displacement is greater than 4.0L.


how to identify?

from the corresponding data is determined, it means 08 engine displacement of 0.8 liters, “20” indicates to 2.0 liters, “16” is 1.6 liters; the further displacement after the number represents there digit represents companies from a given product serial number. There are still some domestic car, the tail is not above this kind of car models, but its displacement generally written in the body or the rear, such as Changan Suzuki’s “1300 antelope” sedan, its displacement is 1300CC, or 1.3 liters. Another example is the production of Nanjing FiatPalio car in its side of the body will be able to see the “1.3”, the words “1.6”, which is their engine capacity, it is the liter. The FAW-Volkswagen Audi series sedan, its displacement wrote in rear of the car, such as “1.8T” represents a displacement of 1.8-liter, turbocharged, “2.4” represents a displacement of 2.4 liters.

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