What is the engine environmental standards?


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environmental standards are based on local fuel standards to develop, mainly to improve the air quality in humans, for high oil prices and the development of urban air pollution serious automobile environmental standards.


INTERNATIONAL the standard

in Beijing from January 1, 2004, on motor vehicle emissions standards by the European I, II, changed Europe By 2008, the formal implementation of the Euro III standard. In the conventional car China and Europe Ⅱ Ⅰ European standards like terms, refers Emission Directive EEC then issued. Euro III standards in Europe, low pollution emission standards in the true sense of America being implemented. It is understood that the car is controlled by the key environmental technologies is good emissions, reducing harmful gas emissions, while the gasoline engine control system (ie EMS technology) it is environmentally friendly cars as well as key technologies to achieve Euro III necessary.


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Automotive emissions are discharged from the exhaust gas CO (carbon monoxide), HC + NOx (nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons), the PM (particulate, soot) and other harmful gases. They are generated by the engine during the combustion of harmful gases for power. European standard which is our reference vehicle emission standards, the current domestic new car will be marked engine exhaust emissions to meet European standards. Measurement of emissions from motor vehicles European legislation (directive) is the standard unit of automotive engine emissions (g / km) driving distance calculations, because this car extent of pollution of the environment is reasonable to study. Meanwhile, the European emission standards for cars will be divided into the total mass of not more than 3500 kg (light vehicles) and the total mass of over 3500 kg (heavy vehicles) categories. Light vehicles regardless of gasoline or diesel vehicles, vehicle tests were performed on a chassis dynamometer. Since the heavy vehicle weight machine, loaded with the engine in the engine test bench.

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