What is the engine fuel supply means?


What is?

The fuel and air mixture into the engine manner. Common supply methods are: carburetor, EFI single-point, multi-point fuel injection and direct injection.



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Although the carburetor era has passed, but the traditional gasoline engine has been widely used in this way the fuel supply. High-speed air flow to the carburetor main fuel is atomized into very small droplets and mixed with air, and the cylinder intake gas mixture and ignited work.

single point EFI

Only a charge of one injector of each cylinder injector, the intake nozzle is located before intake pipe manifold, the fuel injection amount determined by the size of the size of the throttle. Since the intake manifold of different lengths, it is far and near positions, and therefore the mixed gas is injected into each cylinder and the amount of time does not match, thereby causing each of the cylinders are different working conditions. However, simple structure, low cost are its advantages.

Multi-point EFI

is a multi-point electronic injection fuel directly into the intake manifold of each cylinder tube, then into the combustion cylinder, each cylinder has a separate injector.


It nozzle mounted in the combustion chamber, gasoline direct injection combustion chamber in the cylinder, the air enters the combustion chamber mixed with gasoline through an intake valve, and then ignited work.

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