What is the engine horizontally opposed engine?


Did you know?

evenly distributed on both sides of the piston of the engine crankshaft, the left and right movement in the horizontal direction. Can reduce the overall height of the engine, to shorten the length, the center of gravity of the vehicle decreases, the vehicle is running more smoothly, reducing vibration of the vehicle during traveling.



low center of gravity

lateral vibration generated easily holder absorption, the effective center of gravity of the whole vehicle heavy engine is reduced, easier to achieve overall balance.

Low vibration

a good balance piston (180 degrees offset). Compared-line, the balance weight reduction factor required in terms of the crankshaft, to help improve the speed. It can maintain a low speed of 650 rpm, and to ensure a smooth engine operation. The same line compared to other engine minimum fuel consumption.




The biggest advantage of boxer engine is a low center of gravity enhance the car’s driving stability. Meanwhile, horizontally opposed cylinders symmetrical layout is a stable structure, which makes the smooth operation of the engine better than V-type engine, the power loss is minimal runtime.


opposing horizontal structure is complicated, so that the lubricating oil is difficult to solve. Tap the cylinder as the original gravityBecause, the oil will flow to the bottom side of the cylinder are not sufficient lubrication. Meanwhile, since the piston placed horizontally and the effect of its own weight, the degree of friction and its horizontal top and from the bottom of the operation is not the same liner, which would make the inner surface of the cylinder liner upper and lower two different wear occurs, the bottom wear to be more. Another point is that a boxer can offset the lateral vibration, is only an ideal situation, if for carbon and other causes can not be completely closed valve, can also cause unequal cylinder pressure, which will cause unequal transverse forces, which under case will also cause about jitter.

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