What is the engine intake form?


What is?

refers to the form of the intake air of the engine during operation thereof in the form of air entering the engine. Generally divided into two types, naturally aspirated and supercharged intake air.


Natural gas inlet

Natural gas intake is often referred to naturally aspirated, in the engine without the use of a turbocharger, the air pressure is controlled by the downward movement of the piston is generated, so that the atmospheric air directly into the engine combustion chamber.


supercharging intake

Supercharge generally divided into gas turbo supercharger with a dual plenum.


is a use of an exhaust gas turbocharged engine generated to drive the compressor of an air intake.


supercharger is connected by a mechanical air compressor with a crankshaft, an air compressor driven by the power of the engine crankshaft rotation compressed air inlet.

dual plenum

bis supercharged by a turbocharger and a supercharger composed,These two different types of pressurization system to achieve the complementary advantages.

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