What is the engine rotary engine?


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It uses a triangular rotor rotational motion and to control the discharge of the compressed gas, the combustion gas can be directly converted to the expansion force of the driving force. Triangular rotary piston engine is a rotary engine.



pressure in a rotary engine combustion preservation in a sealed chamber housing and a rotor consisting of a triangle. Similar tracks the path of travel of the rotor respiration meter generated. Apex of the rotor housing, thereby forming three separate gas chamber. The rotor constantly moving around the combustion chamber, the volume of three kinds of gases are alternately expanded and contracted. It is this expansion and contraction of the air and fuel into the engine, and this gas mixture is compressed, and generate useful power as the gas expands, and finally discharging the exhaust gas.



Engine rotor there are several advantages, the most important thing is to reduce the volume and reduce the weight. Rotary engine consisting of desired components is small. But the disadvantage is obvious rotary engine: 1. The greater amount of fuel consumption. 2. Do not use compression-ignition, diesel oil is not employed. 3. The power output shaft is relatively high position, the vehicle is arranged so arranged inconvenience. 3. rotor launchedHigh technology manufacturing machines, cost more expensive difficult to promote.



The engine of the German Feijia Shi # 8226; Wankel invention, summing up the results of previous research on key technologies to solve some problems, successfully developed the first rotary engine, and some so called Wankel rotary engine (Wankel engine). Wankel engine available, so many powerful car manufacturers have the scent of a new era of technology. However, the Wankel engine in starting trials exposed the shortcomings, but gave up the idea of ​​a lot of challenges to the Wankel engine.

new technology has always been a soft spot for Mazda bought the company has invested heavily in this technology from the company Wankel, Mazda purchased after the copyright to RE-Rotary engine rotary engine as a translation of Wang grams the new name of Seoul engine. In 1964, Germany and France in Geneva COMOBIL joint venture company, the first rotary engine installed in the car to become an official product. In 1967, the Japanese will also be installed in the Mazda rotary engine car start mass production. The 1970s oil crisis, countries busy with all aspects of the difficulties and to attend to the development of the rotary engine, Mazda remains convinced that only the potential of the rotary engine, rotary engine research and production alone, and paid a considerable price. They gradually overcome the shortcomings of the rotary engine, the successful transition from pilot production to commercial production and installation of the rotary engine RX-7 sports cars into the US market, impressive. However, RX-7 in 1995 out of the US market.

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