What is the engine turbo engine?


Did you know?

is to use an exhaust gas turbocharger inertia momentum of the engine exhaust to drive a turbine, and a turbine coaxial drive an impeller and then pressure-fed air, into the cylinder so that pressurized.



of the engine is by fuel combustion in the cylinder as generating a reactive power, since the amount of fuel sucked into the cylinder by the input air amount restriction, thus the power generated by the engine will be limited, if the performance of the engine has been running at its best, and then increase the output power only by compression more air into the cylinder to increase the amount of fuel, thereby improving engine work capacity.




Relative pneumatic booster mode which run more stable performance.

Relative pneumatic booster / supercharger construction and its principle embodiment is more simple and convenient modification.

· high economic cost. Motor is mounted opposite the pressurized pneumatic booster / low price supercharger, too does not require a complicated mounting process, manufacturers / buyer from the mounting of this aspect can be significant cost savings.


relatively low-power booster. Compared supercharger and turbocharger, as a motor vehicle battery power constraints,Usually booster 12 can increase the percentage to 16 percentage.

· vehicle battery life decreases. Because the booster motor vehicle mounted work uninterrupted battery life decreased rapidly.


how to care?

· the car can not go. After the engine is started, especially in the winter, it should be allowed to idle for a period of time sufficient to allow oil lubricated bearings before the turbocharger rotor high-speed operation. So immediately after the start do not Meng throttle, to prevent damage to the turbocharger oil seal.

• Do not turn off immediately. After long high-speed operation of the engine should be idling 3-5min then turn off. When the engine is operating, some of the oil supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearing lubrication and for cooling.

· kept clean. Time cleaning air filter to prevent dust and other impurities into the high-speed rotation of the compressor impeller, the rotational speed causing instability or increased wear bushings and seals.

· always pay attention to check the functioning of the turbocharger. Before moving, closed car, check connections of each airway tube, to prevent loosening caused by falling turbocharger failure and short circuit of air into the cylinder.

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