What is the engine type of engine?


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engine model is an engine in accordance with the relevant provisions of the company business and properties of the engine, the preparation of the same for a batch of the product code, for an engine manufacturer’s specifications, properties, characteristics, process , uses and product batches and other related information.



type of engine consists of four parts.

front of the

including product series code, and updating symbols and local governments, enterprises code, there is a corresponding choice of the manufacturer as required letter said, but subject to industry standardization, approved owned units, for the record.


by a cylinder symbol number, symbol cylinder arrangement, the stroke symbols and symbols bore.

rear portion

and the symbol by the use of structural features characteristic symbols.


diacritic. When the same series of improvements, etc. due to the need to distinguish, by the manufacturer to select the appropriate notation, and the rear tail available “-” separated.


To develop

type body

means a vehicle according to the general structure or shape such as the number of doors and windows, carrying goods features and roof type (e.g. van body, fastback body, hatchbackBody) features distinguish vehicles.

Engine type

refers to a characteristic of the power unit, as fuel, number of cylinders, displacement and static braking power and the like. Installed in the car or multipurpose passenger car or a vehicle rated at or below the total weight of 10000lb 10000lb laden car engine shall be marked professional manufacturer and model.


is a manufacturer, the vehicle in a certain common structures such as the body, chassis, or the like in a cab of the same model type given name.


is the name of the manufacturer of a vehicle or engine class given.


refers to the name of the manufacturer of the vehicle has the same type, brand, type, series and body type given.

Model Year

indicates that a single model year, as long as the actual legislative period no more than two years, can not consider the actual production of the vehicle.

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